Desert Adventure in Dubai - Dune Buggy Desert Safari

5 Desert Adventures To Add To Your Dubai Bucket List

Got visitors in town? The Dubai desert is filled with loads of fun activities, and what better way to show them the city than a traditionally Arabian desert experience? From sand boarding to belly dancing shows at desert safaris, here are 5 desert adventures to add to your Dubai bucket list!

1. Go Camping

Desert Adventure in Dubai - Overnight Desert Safari Camping
Via Hud Hud Travels

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out! Camping in the desert is definitely one to add to your Dubai bucket list! You can do it privately, with your own tents, sleeping bags and snacks, or join a bigger group for an overnight desert safari experience, and let the tour company do all the planning for you.

Where to book: Desert Safari Dubai

2. Experience Sand Boarding

Desert Adventure in Dubai - Sand Boarding at Desert Safari
Via Facebook | @arabianadventuresofficial

Sand boarding is basically like skiing down a slope, except it’s on sand. You will most likely fall off, and get sand literally everywhere, but it is sooooo much fun! Most desert safaris have the option to go sand boarding, but you can also just grab a board and try it out yourself.

Where to book: Arabian Adventures

3 – Try to Survive Dune Bashing

Desert Adventure in Dubai - Dune Bashing at Desert Safari
Via Desert Rangers

Ready for the Dubai version of The Fast & The Furious? There’s only one way to do this right – as soon as you enter the car, tell whoever is driving to go super fast! It may seem scary at first, but trust us, you will love this desert adventure! Don’t forget to buckle up, this is going to be one crazy experience.

Where to book: Adventure Safari Dubai

4 – Enjoy the Arabian Dance Shows

Desert Adventure in Dubai - Belly Dancing at Desert Safari
Via The Dune Bashing

Get ready to witness some of Dubai’s talented performers dance live in the desert! From traditional belly dancing shows to tanoura dancing shows, this is one desert adventure you cannot miss! Sit right at the front, and they might even bring you on stage to dance with them!

Where to book: Atlanta Tours Dubai

5 – Drive a Dune Buggy

Desert Adventure in Dubai - Dune Buggy at Desert Safari
Via Arabia Horizons Tours

This off-road adventure is perfect for adrenaline junkies, and should sit at the top of your Dubai bucket list! Sitting in a two-seater open-air buggy, you and a friend will have the chance to make your way around the Arabian desert and speed through the dunes. If you’re up for a more thrilling desert adventure, try your hand at Quad Biking!

Where to book: Arabia Horizons Tours

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