camping in uae - fossil rock sharjah jebel maleiha

5 Awesome Places To Go Camping in UAE Before Summer

Whether you’ve got visitors in town for spring break, or you just want to try something different this weekend, camping in UAE is one of the best outdoor activities! Luckily for us, the UAE is home to some great camping spots. From the famous Jebel Jais camping spot to lesser-known camping areas like Banan Beach Dubai, here are our favorite spots to go camping in Dubai, and the rest of the UAE!

1. Banan Beach Dubai

camping in dubai - banan beach dubai jebel ali uae
Via Instagram | @bananbeach

Tucked away in Jebel Ali, Banan Beach is a seriously cool resort for camping in Dubai!  They’ve not only got their own tents set up on the beach, but hammocks and a swing by the sea too! Get your adventure buddies together and head there to enjoy a fun camping experience, with beach yoga, bbq, water sports and more!

Where: Banan Beach, Jebel Ali (near Palm Jebel Ali)

2. Hatta Dubai

camping in dubai - hatta dubai camp uae
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If you’re looking for a stunning and peaceful spot for camping in Dubai, Hatta Dubai is where you need to be. You can choose to camp on your own in the mountains, or with fellow adventurers at the Hatta Camp area. Don’t forget to wake up early to catch one of the most beautiful sunrises ever!

Where: Hatta Camp, close to JA Hatta Fort Hotel

3. Fossil Rock Sharjah

camping in uae - fossil rock sharjah jebel maleiha
Via Instagram | @_v_a_l_e_r_i_j_a

Looking for a fun desert adventure? Famous for its rock formations, the iconic Fossil Rock (officially known as Jebel Maleiha) is a great place for camping in UAE. Make sure to get there in a 4×4, you’ll need it to drive through the desert dunes.

Where: Jebel Maleiha (Fossil Rock), Maleiha desert, Sharjah

4. Jebel Jais Camping Site

camping in uae - jebel jais camping site ras al khaimah
Via Instagram | @onalindajohnson

Fancy camping overnight on top of the UAE’s tallest mountain? Pack up your tents and sleeping bags and make your way to the Jebel Jais camping site. The view from the top is incredible, especially during sunset and sunrise! It’s a popular spot for camping in UAE, so make sure to head there early to find a good spot.

Where: Jebel Jais mountain, Ras Al Khaimah

5. Liwa Desert

camping in uae - liwa desert
Via Instagram | @naveeen13

Looking for a desert camping experience that’s a little quieter? All you need to do is drive around the vast Liwa desert, through the orange-coloured sand dunes and pick a spot. Just make sure to remember the path you take, so you don’t get lost…

Where: Liwa desert

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