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5 Selfies Everyone Needs to Take at a Dubai Desert Safari

Got friends or family visiting any time soon? If so, you’ll likely be going on another Dubai desert safari while they’re here. So unleash your inner tourist, and make the most out of your experience by snapping up some super cool desert selfies! Here are 5 ideas for some epic Dubai pictures…

1. Camel selfie

Via Instagram | @YouDrive4x4

When you go for a desert safari, this selfie is a must! Whether it’s taken in your car while driving through the dunes, or while you’re riding a camel during sunset, the camels in Dubai are super friendly so you can expect to get some really cool shots.

Where: Desert Safari Dubai

2. Jumping selfie

dubai desert safari jumping selfie (2)
Via Instagram | @katemalyon

You cannot leave the Dubai desert without a picture of you jumping up in the air! The best part is that you may need about 15 takes before you get the perfect picture. From ‘jumping over cars’ to group pictures where one person jumped too late – you’ll be in fits of laughter by the end of it. 

Where: City One Tourism

3. Quad biking selfie

dubai desert safari quad biking selfie Cropped
Via Instagram | @will_the_kid88

This is one of the craziest desert experiences and it is definitely worth a selfie! Make sure you take it when you’re speeding through the sand dunes. Tourists –  don’t forget to wear a keffiyeh (traditional checkered scarf) to get that Arabian look. 

Where: Arabia Horizons Tours

4. Sand boarding selfie

dubai desert safari sand boarding
Via Facebook | @arabianadventuresofficial

With the amount of times you’ll be sliding and rolling down the sand slope, trust us – you’ll want to capture these pictures. Try getting a picture mid-fall, those ones are always the best!

Where: Arabian Adventures

5. Falcon selfie

dubai desert safari falcon selfie
Via Instagram | @iamwiwinkyin

The falcon is the national symbol of the UAE, and the majestic birds totally deserve a selfie with you! Get a snap of them perched on your shoulder – they’re so used to being photographed that they’ll even pose for the camera.

Where: City One Tourism

Featured image: via Instagram | @livegabi

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