We Just Tried Out The Best Water Slides and Rides at Wild Wadi

A trip to Dubai is not complete without a Wild Wadi Water Park adventure! With some of the scariest water slides in the city, Wild Wadi is one of the coolest places to visit in Dubai. Escape the city heat and splash around in the Lazy River or brave rides such as the infamous Jumeirah Sceirah or Tantrum Alley! Here’s a rundown of the water slides and activities for you…

Jumeriah Sceirah

Originally opened with the park in ’99, the Jumeirah Sceirah you fly down today is its second incarnation: faster and scarier than ever. Now fitted with a terrifying drop-floor, you’ll reach speeds of up to 80 km/h and be welcomed at the bottom with a pounding heart and an almighty wedgie… Is the Jumeirah Sceirah  the scariest ride in the Dubai?! We’ll let you decide!

Tantrum Alley

A 4-seater scream-fest, Tantrum Alley is designed for maximum thrills. Whipping you up over the side of Jumeirah Beach Road before sending you spinning and sliding through its 3 testing tornadoes, this ride is as unpredictable as a bucking bronco. Hold on tight and enjoy the surprises thrown your way…

Master Blasters

Made up of 8(!!) individual rides, the Master Blasters are a collection of gravity-defying, jet propelled rides that shoot you across the length and breadth of the park. Connected by Juha’s Journey (the lazy river), the Master Blasters are a winner with waterpark fanatics.

Burj Surj

With its fast downhill spirals and notorious ‘bowl’, Burj Surj fires you down the slide in groups of 4. Whooping and hollering from top to bottom, you can expect to twist, turn and splash your way to the end… before running back through the park to do it all over again.

WipeOut & Riptide

Think you’ve got what it takes to master these FlowRiders? Offering a surf simulation experience like no other in the city, both Riptide and Wipeout will test your ability to ride the waves. Think of Riptide as the beginner and Wipeout as the pro! Firing out approximately 3,500 liters of water EVERY second, it’s easy to get addicted to trying to beat the Wipeout waves. Here’s a little trick we taught ourselves on Riptide…

Flood River Flyer

Technically considered one of the park’s Master Blasters, Flood River uses high-power water jets to fire you uphill, creating waves up to 1 metre high! Strap a GoPro to your chest and jump onto an inflatable donut for the ultimate fun ride around the park.

Juha’s Journey

…or the ‘lazy river’ for those who like to soak up Wild Wadi’s chill-factor. With 360 metres of slow-flowing water, you can float solo in the sunshine or double up for a laid back journey around the park. Watch out for the little waterfalls along the way, or take an exit to one of the interconnected slides when you’re ready to turn things up a notch…