A Simple Guide to Planning the Ultimate Family Picnic in Dubai

Sponsored Post: Get those picnic baskets at the ready…

Lady in park throws beach ball towards picnic in Dubai, she is in a park in Dubai.

Pack your picnic basket because it's time to make the most of the great outdoors. We've scoped out some super simple budget and family-friendly ways to enjoy the best beach spots and parks in Dubai.

If you're new to ‘picnic-ing' and think it sounds like a whole lot of hassle, have no fear because we've put together an easy guide of what to cook and where to go. Check it out!

1. Quick-cook food is the way to go…

If your little ones are fussy eaters, then fear not – Freshly Foods is here to save your picnic. Their range of easy-cook, MDM-free, freshly frozen treats will keep everyone happy. Just stick them in the oven and you're ready to go. We're loving:

  • Zing-o-Wings: these family favourites can be cooked up in just 5 minutes
  • Gourmet chicken shawarma meat: toss it in a salad or load it in a wrap and everyone's happy
  • Gourmet chicken tempura nuggets: pan grilled or air-fried, they'll be golden brown in no time
  • Gourmet German chicken sausages: pre-smoked and full of flavour, these reduced-fat sausages are a breeze to cook.

Four Freshly Foods products appear in a fridge. They will be used for a picnic in Dubai.


 2. Fill up that picnic basket with treats…

To keep the kids happy after they've wolfed down their Freshly Foods meals, it's best to add a few treats into the mix. If your little one has a sweet tooth then we'd suggest packing some strawberries, grapes and watermelon. If they're after something even sweeter, then bring along some fruit punch or a few cheeky slices of cheesecake.

A picnic basket is being filled with fruit, crisps, cheese cake, strawberries and fizzy soda for a picnic in Dubai.

3. Keep the little ones entertained

Folks, it's time to ditch the iPads for beachballs, frisbee, Twister… you name it! Bring along your favourite boredom busting games that the kids can enjoy while their Freshly Foods meals are being prepared. It'll mean that your awesome day out might actually last more than a hour… ready for game time?!

A multi-coloured beach ball is being twisted around by a ladies hand, set upon a blue sky. Picnic in Dubai

4. Pick the perfect picnic spot…

There's no shortage of great spots to set up shop for the afternoon. But ultimately, you only need to ask yourself one question: beach OR park?!

Our go-to beaches in Dubai: Kite Beach or Al Mamzar Beach Park

Beach pros:

  • The sea is just a stone's throw away
  • There's plenty of space for activities

Beach cons:

  • Sand… Everywhere

A picnic basket full of food has been placed on a picnic blanket in Kite Beach, Dubai.

Our go-to parks in Dubai: Al Barsha Pond Park or Creek Park

Park pros:

  • Awesome family-friendly vibes
  • Peace and quiet

Park cons:

  • Insects

A picnic basket full of food has been placed on a picnic blanket in A Barsha Pond Park, Dubai.

5. Tuck in!

It's time to fill those bellies with all that great food you've packed. Better be quick though – Freshly Foods is a family favourite…

A hand comes in to eat some tasty picnic food. This is a picnic in Dubai.

So it's time to rustle up some tasty, quick-to-cook food, pack up the games and get exploring while the weather is still on our side!