Clueless About Color Correction? Tips That’ll Transform Your Routine!

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Color Me Perfect color correcting campaign by Sephora

Every woman wants flawless skin. The question is, how do you reach that level of perfection? We're all used to relying on concealer for hiding skin issues, but the real key is with color correctors which work to neutralise the 3 main problems: dark circles, skin dullness and redness.

From picking the right shades for different skin tones to prepping the skin with primer, discover how easy it is to rectify your skin imperfections with these tips and tricks from a Sephora makeup expert. For more on ‘Color Me Perfect‘, take a trip down to Sephora branches across the city for free color-correcting trials all month!

Your Problem: Skin Redness

Living in a region where the sun shines all-year round, it's common to experience skin redness on the face. Whether it's pimples, sun burn or general discolouration, these killer products will brighten, illuminate and give your skin an ‘au naturel' glow.

Your solution: Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid

The color you need: Green

Quick tips & tricks from a Sephora makeup expert:

  • It's best to use a small round makeup brush for concealing redness.
  • There are 3 different types of color correctors for different skin types: creams for oily skin, liquids for dry skin, and pencils for a more precise application.
  • As well as green, a yellow corrector can also be used for mild redness.

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Your Problem: Skin Dullness

Fast-paced city life can cause us to neglect our skin needs, leading to dehydration to tiredness. We're loving these color-correcting products as they work to neutralise dull skin tones and brighten dark spots, creating a fresh and vibrant look.

Your solution: Marc Jacobs Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector Bright Now

The color you need: Purple and pink

Quick tips & tricks from a Sephora makeup expert:

  • Pink shades are mostly used on pale skin tones.
  • Purple shades are best for those with yellow skin undertones as the color helps to neutralise.
  • The Marc Jacobs Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector is great for larger problem areas thanks to its incredibly easy applicator.

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Your Problem: Dark Circles

Those weekly Ladies Nights getting the better of your under-eyes? Getting rid of dark circles is one of life's many challenges, especially if concealer is the only product you're relying on. That's where color correcting comes in; it neutralises the problem area while concealer works to hide it.

Your solution: Becca Backlight Targeted Color Corrector

The color you need: Orange and yellow

Quick tips & tricks from a Sephora makeup expert:

  • Orange color corrector is best suited for dark skin tones whereas yellow is used for fairer skin with purple dark circles.
  • If your dark circles aren't too bad, you can mix salmon-pink, peach or orange corrector shades with the concealer.
  • If your dark circles are noticeably dark-brown, your best option is to apply the orange-peach corrector first and then the concealer on top.
  • To apply, lightly pat the corrector with your fingertips for an even blend – don't smudge or rub it.
  • A beauty blender is great for reaching harder areas like the inner corner of your eye, and it also gives more coverage. It's best to use a beauty blender if your dark circles are intense, otherwise you're better off using your finger to dab.

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And now, for the finished look…

Want to learn more? Head down to any Sephora branch in the city and take advantage of the free ‘Color Me Perfect‘ trials on offer.