The BIGGEST Moments From STEP That’s Got Everybody Talking!

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Guests could order drinks through their smartphone at the Pepsi barSTEP Conference 2017 proved to be the HOTTEST roundup of the Middle East's most ambitious young talents – from geeks to indie artists – and there were more than a few trending moments on showcase this year.

Dubai International Marine Club was jam-packed last week with visitors who came to mix things up with everyone from local startups to underground musicians. In case you missed the mayhem, here are a few highlights that everyone was #hashtagging about:

The bands gave us a reason to dance

Lebanese band Adonis perform on the Pepsi-powered stage

A mini music fest went down on the Pepsi-powered stage and fans couldn't get enough. Beneath the neon-soaked Marina skyline, Hamed Sinno joined his bandmates from Mashrou Leila' to show crowds why they're the most talked-about act in the Middle East right now. Other bands including Adonis, The Wanton Bishops and Autostrad also turned the temperature up with energy-packed performances throughout the night.

Mashrou' Laila #stepmusic #step2017

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We imagined the future of shopping

Pepsi showcased a 'smart' supermarket concept at STEP 2017

STEP was trending hard for Pepsi's ‘smart' supermarket concept, and now we know why. Offering visitors a glimpse of a cash-less future without queues, you could walk into the shop, grab a snack from the shelves, and walk out without ever having to checkout  – it was literally that simple. Using scanners that could identify you and your purchase items, Pepsi took the idea of ‘fast-track' to another level.

We got served at the bar by a ‘bot'

The Pepsi bar was serving up drinks ordered through a Facebook botVia Instagram/amrkamalrashed

Technology that quenches your thirst? It's already here, people! Anyone who made their way down to the Pepsi bar this year got a chance to order their drinks via smartphone. With a range of Pepsi-infused mocktails on offer, all it took was a QR code scan to connect with a ‘bot'ler' on Facebook Messenger and place an order. Within minutes, your drink would be waiting for you at the bar – a concept that crowds sitting in the sunshine really seemed to appreciate.

Were you at STEP this year? Tell us about your favourite moments from the event.