Who Needs Filters When You Have These Flawless Face Tricks?!

Sponsored Content: Solve all your skin problems with these easy-to-use color correctors.

Color Me Perfect color correcting campaign by Sephora, Middle East

Let's face it, we've all been there… scrolling through social media wondering how these flawless females keep their skin looking fabulous all the time. But fear not, we're swapping filters for beauty fixes with Sephora that'll have you looking picture perfect in no time.

For the month of April, Sephora is helping women solve all their skin problems, from dreaded dark circles to unwanted redness. Offering free trials at branches across the city, get ready to learn quick tips and tricks from in-store Sephora makeup artists. Out with the concealing and in with the color-correcting – yes, we're loving these makeup must-haves, and so will you!

How to diminish dull skin

Ladies nights, brunches and non-stop activities: living the #MyDubai life sure does have its perks. But, with all great things comes great responsibility… for your skin! If you've noticed your skin getting duller lately, it's probably due to dehydration, way too many late nights and a poor diet. Revive your skin and get a radiant glow with purple color correctors; they work to neutralise yellow skin tones and brighten dull-looking skin.

The beauty fix we're loving: The magic wand of the makeup world, the Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector by Marc Jacobs (Bright Now) works miracles for brightening, neutralising and concealing dull skin. Extremely easy to use, it comes in three marbleized hues that effectively works to combat hyperpigmention, giving you that sought-after, even complexion.

Color Me Perfect color correcting campaign by Sephora, Middle East

The Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector also comes in:

  • Citron and lime colors to neutralise redness. The shade you're looking for is Co(Vert) Affairs.
  • Peach and caramel shades which conceal hyperpigmentation and dark circles. The shade you need is Getting Warmer.

How to reduce skin redness

We all want that killer Dubai tan, even if it means getting a little sunburnt along the way. Whether it's acne spots, rosacea or sun burn, fight the redness with green color-correcting makeup products. The only secret weapon you need to counteract redness, you'll be working your way to skin perfection in no time!

The beauty fix we're loving: Rather than just relying on concealer to hide those unwanted skin imperfections, we're taking action with the Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid by Urban Decay which blurs flaws and illuminates your skin. This liquid formula blends smoothly and counteracts redness, giving your skin that all-round natural glow.

Color Me Perfect color correcting campaign by Sephora, Middle East

The Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid also comes in:

  • Lavender which helps to neutralise skin with yellow undertones.
  • Peach that's best for darker skin tones; it tackles dark circles (especially blue-hued circles), dark spots and discolouration.
  • Pink which works wonders for fairer skin tones as it corrects dark circles and also works as a highlighter.
  • Yellow which is a killer color for disguising purple-hued dark circles.

How to combat dark circles

Living in a fast-paced city like Dubai, lack of sleep tends to always get the better of us. Long working hours and late-night parties often lead to every woman's worst nightmare: dark circles. Lucky for you, there are 3 magic colors that work to neutralise and brighten in an instance: orange (cancels dark circles on dark skin), pink (brightens dark spots on pale skin), and yellow (neutralises blue/purple under eyes).

The beauty fix we're loving: The solution to all your dreaded skin discolourations, the Backlight Targeted Color Corrector by Becca is made with a highly pigmented formula that works to neutralise and brighten your complexion. Its creamy texture features light-reflecting pearls which blurs any type of skin imperfection, whether it's dark circles or dark spots.

Color Me Perfect color correcting campaign by Sephora, Middle East

The Backlight Targeted Color Corrector also comes in:

  • Papaya which neutralises deep blues and green colors which are mostly common under the eyes.
  • Peach which combats dark circles and hyperpigmentation which are often found on high points of the face.
  • Pistachio which counteracts redness around the nose and lips.
  • Violet to neutralise dullness which is common in the centre of the face.

Head down to your nearest Sephora branch and make the most of their free trials on color correcting, or check out their online store for the ‘Color Me Perfect‘ products and tips.

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