This #MyRamadanTale Series is Something We All Can Relate To

To celebrate the positive spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Nisnass is doing something a little different this year that goes beyond fashion. Themed around storytelling and relatable experiences, #MyRamadanTale is all about sharing stories on what Ramadan means to different types of people. Whether it’s spending time at home with the family or going out for Iftar with friends, everyone has #RamadanTales to tell… and now’s your chance to hear them!

#MyRamadanTale with Nisnass

As part of this #MyRamadanTale series, Nisnass is going behind the scenes with local influencers to find out what the Holy Month means to them. Which one can you relate to?

Layla‘s Ramadan Tale involves… spending time with the family at home for Iftar (…while also going on a Nisnass shopping spree!)

Maha‘s and Majeed‘s Ramadan Tale involves… hopping on a plane for a quick Ramadan getaway!

Hussein‘s Ramadan Tale involves… casually lounging around in the majlis!

Noor‘s and Dana‘s (a.k.a the Gen Z twins) Ramadan Tale involves… going on foodie and fitness adventures together!

Ramadan skincare subscription box

Throughout the Holy Month, Nisnass is also partnering with Boxich, which is an all-organic subscription box featuring everything from cosmetics and skincare essentials to organic snacks and more. If you’re looking for a special Ramadan or Eid gift idea, be sure to check out the exclusive ‘NisnassxBoxich‘ skincare box.

Need some Ramadan fashion inspo?

The Nisnass Ramadan collection features a huge selection of outfits and accessories to choose from. We’re talking laid-back looks, everyday bags, conservative cuts, wide-leg pants and more. For more style inspo, we’ve created a Ramadan style guide for your Iftar and Suhour looks.

#NisnassLovesRamadan… and so do we!

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