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5 Salons That Use Lycon Wax in Dubai (And It’s Almost Painless)

Dreading your next waxing appointment? The struggle is real! Whether you need a Brazilian wax or a full body, Lycon wax is a revolutionary peel-off wax that is famous for being an (almost) painless method of hair removal! Here are some salons that use Lycon wax in Dubai…

1. Pastels Salon

Brazilian Waxing in Dubai - Lycon Wax at Pastels Salon Dubai
Via Pastels Salon

Waxing in Dubai can really be a nightmare for some, especially if you’ve got a few stubborn strands that just won’t budge. Fortunately, Lycon wax sticks to the hair rather than the skin, and gets every little strand there is. Pastels Salon has both normal wax and Lycon wax, and as well as hot Lycon wax for sensitive areas.

Price: AED 135 for a Brazilian Wax Dubai
Where: Pastels Salon, at Mercato, Umm Suqeim and JBR

2. Sisters Beauty Lounge

brazilian waxing in dubai - lycon wax sisters beauty lounge
Via Sisters Beauty Lounge

Sisters Beauty Lounge recommends using Lycon wax to effectively get rid of short and stubborn hair, especially in sensitive areas. A light cleanser is applied before the Lycon wax, to remove any oil or cream, followed by a moisturiser to soothe the skin.

Price: AED 145 for a Brazilian Wax Dubai
Where: Sisters Beauty Lounge, multiple locations

3. Spaces Salon

brazilian waxing in dubai - lycon wax at spaces salon oasis centre
Via Spaces Salon

If you’re looking for speedy service, Spaces Salon is a great option. The hot Lycon wax is applied on the hair, left to cool down for a few seconds, and then peeled off to reveal hair-free skin. It may not be 100% painless, but trust us, it’s still significantly less painful than regular waxing in Dubai.

Price: Around AED 147 for a Brazilian Wax Dubai
Where: Spaces Salon, 3rd floor, Oasis Centre (just off Sheikh Zayed Road)

4. Aroushi Beauty Salon

brazilian waxing in dubai - lycon wax aroushi beauty salon spa
Via Aroushi Beauty Centre

Aroushi Beauty Salon has a variety of waxes to choose from, including fruit wax, organic wax and Lycon wax! The salon also holds quite a few awards, including a Guinness World Record for the highest number of nail extensions applied in 4 hours!

Price: AED 150 for a Brazilian Wax Dubai
Where: Aroushi Beauty Salon, on Al Wasl Road

5. Belle Femme Dubai

brazilian waxing in dubai - lycon wax belle femme salon

This salon is slightly cheaper than the rest, but equally as good. Like the rest, Belle Femme Dubai also offers clients the choice between regular wax, Lycon wax (which is an additional AED 10) and hot Lycon wax (an additional AED 20) for sensitive areas.

Price: AED 120 for Brazilian Wax Dubai
Where: Belle Femme Dubai, multiple locations

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