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Where To Get a Traditional Thai Massage in Dubai

Whether you’re suffering from back pain or have tense muscles, nothing quite beats a traditional Thai massage. From the luxurious Talise Spa to SensAsia Urban Spa, we’ve found five places that offer a Thai massage in Dubai.

1. Yin Yang Connection

Yin Yang Connection is a well-known spa in Dubai for massages and natural therapies. One particular service offered is the Thai massage, an effective treatment that combines acupressure, yoga postures, and Ayurveda. It uses no oil or lotion so you can stay fully clothed.

Price: around AED 220 for 60 minutes

Location: Multiple branches including Beach Centre in Jumeirah

2. SensAsia Urban Spa

Hate that soreness feeling after a hardcore gym session? A great non-oil treatment that can help ease the pain is the Thai Yoga Stretch Massage at SensAsia Urban Spa, which uses dynamic, stretching and stress busting techniques to combat any muscle tension.

Price: around AED 420 for 60 minutes

Location: Multiple branches including Downtown Dubai

3. Talise Spa

One of the city’s most lavish spas, Talise Spa certainly knows how to pamper its visitors. Talise’s Thai Massage uses dynamic methods of acupressure, stretching and pulling, to leave you feeling energised and less tense. The best part? You’re even provided with authentic Thai pyjamas too!

Price: around AED 500 for 45 minutes

Location: Madinat Jumeirah

4. TAO Spa

The Thai massage at TAO Spa is a specialised treatment that combines deep stretching, rhythmic compression and acupressure. Whether you’re looking to alleviate back tension or increase flexibility, TAO Spa’s Thai Massage can sort you out.

Price: around AED 360 for 60 minutes

Location: Multiple branches including The Dubai Mall

5. The Chi Spa

The Chi Spa at the Shangri-La Hotel offers a traditional Thai massage which combines gentle rocking, deep stretching and compression of the spine. Improving flexibility and stimulating circulation, this massage can really work wonders. It’s performed fully clothed and recommends that you wear loose-fitting workout clothing.

Price: around AED 520 for 90 minutes

Location: Shangri-La Hotel, World Trade Centre

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