Which Perfumes Do Guys Like The Most?!

Let’s face it: every woman wants to know what a man is thinking. After asking the females in the office to choose their favourite fragrances from Sephora, we decided to put each of them to a blindfolded test among the men in the office. Here’s how it went down…

The blindfolded scent test

We picked up two blindfolds, brought in four male members of our team and asked them to pick their favourite scent out of the six perfumes. We made sure to reset their sense of smell in between each fragrance using coffee beans – which really does work by the way! Watch the video above to find out which perfumes came out on top!

Our favourite fragrances

Looks like ‘love at first scent’ really does exist! From the fresh and floral ‘Gucci Bloom‘ to Carolina Herrera’s oh-so sophisticated ‘Good Girl – Velvet Fatale‘, here are the six scents that made the shortlist for the video:

  1. Mon Paris Couture‘ by Yves Saint Laurent
  2. Because It’s You‘ by Emporio Armani
  3. Narciso Rouge‘ by Narciso Rodriguez
  4. Gucci Bloom‘ by Gucci
  5. Nirvana Black‘ by Elizabeth and James
  6. Good Girl – Velvet Fatale‘ by Carolina Herrera

For prices and further insights into each perfume, check out our article on the most scent-sational Sephora buys right now!

All six of these perfumes are available from the Sephora UAE and Sephora KSA online stores. Alternatively, if you prefer smelling perfumes before buying them, you can visit any Sephora store across the region.

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