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Wait Until You Try the Grilled Bites at this Greek Spot on the Beach…

El Greco isn’t your typical Greek restaurant — and that’s something you’ll appreciate if you’ve got an appetite for unique spice blends, j-j-juicy chicken and Mediterranean-inspired dishes with a farm-to-table feel. This street-style eatery at La Mer lives by its “Greekin’ Delicious” mantra — so here are 5 reasons to add it to your foodie bucket list…

1. Rotisserie Chicken is the star attraction

El Greco’s Rotisserie Chicken is undoubtedly the star of the show. Stuffed with lemon, spring onion, herbs and dry rubbed with smoked paprika and oregano salt, it’s slow-cooked in a rotisserie and served alongside sweet potato fries, homemade pita bread, fresh tzatziki and tangy red sauce. No surprise why it’s their best-seller and a top reason foodie fans come back for more.

2. No-guilt power bowls

Power bowls might be all the rage right now with healthy eaters, but El Greco’s meaty options prove that not all power bowls are created equal. Guests can choose between Greek rice or quinoa topped with selections like smoked beef brisket, chicken gyros and roasted pulled lamb. Toss in some grilled fresh veggies and Greek yogurt and you’ve got a guilt-free dish that packs a flavorful punch.

3. Homestyle breakfast up for grabs… until 5pm

If you’re looking for a new breakfast spot to try, El Greco offers up a menu of homestyle favorites daily from 10am-5pm. For something light before you hit the beach at La Mer, try the yogurt with honey and nuts, homemade muesli bowl, or eggs served atop fresh pita bread. For some authentic Greek-style bites, don’t miss the melitzanosalata (eggplant dip) — it’s simple yet oh-so satisfying.

4. This spot is for chillin’ and grillin’

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No Greek restaurant would be complete without a super selection of grills including lamb, kebab, smoked prime beef brisket and beef rib-eye. Because El Greco’s menu is so versatile, you can choose how you want it served — whether in a traditional gyro wrap, pita sandwich or on a sharing platter. Thanks to the venue’s open-kitchen design, the wafting aroma of spices will reach your table long before the plate does.

5. They’ll deliver your order… straight to the beach!

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El Greco’s seaside location makes it a great spot for dining in… but don’t forget that you’re just meters away from one of Dubai’s most scenic beaches. So if you’re planning a day at La Mer and prefer to spend your time bronzing on the sand, the restaurant will actually deliver your takeaway straight to you — pretty convenient! For something extra refreshing to cool off, make sure you try their signature peach ice tea… it’s delicious.

For more details, visit El Greco at La Mer Central (adjacent to Roxy Cinemas) or call 0565 333 769

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