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7 Everyday Problems That Can Drive You Crazy – Solved!

You’ve got dirty dishes in the sink, a busted AC, and you’re in the middle of shifting homes. To top it all off, your toilet isn’t flushing and you’ve just spotted a cockroach living comfortably in your cupboards. WTF?!

Nobody’s immune from the daily struggles of UAE life, but everyone is looking for an easy way to sort things out. So we have to ask: What’s the fix (WTF)? Here are 7 #DubaiProblems that we’ve all been through… and 1 simple way to solve them all. Starting with…

1. House is a mess

Service Market

You’re really busy (or just naturally messy… shhh!), and keeping the house in order feels like a monster headache. There’s laundry to be done, floors to wipe and a bathtub that could use a serious scrub. What’s the fix?

2. Curtains need hanging

You just moved into a new place and there are a thousand things that need fixing – from hanging curtains to other odd jobs around the house. That tool kit you purchased from Ikea just won’t cut it. What’s the fix?

3. Lights need installing

You just got back from Dragon Mart with some awesome new light fixtures. With no ladder (or electrical expertise), they’re still sitting in unopened boxes. What’s the fix?

4. AC is broken

Service Market

Everybody’s Dubai nightmare: the AC just broke down in the middle of summer, the house is a sauna and you can’t handle staying there one more sweaty night. What’s the fix?

5. Bugs are back

From the corner of your eye, you spot a cockroach making its way across the floor. You start to notice bite marks from the bed bugs that have taken over the bedroom. What’s the fix?

6. Walls need painting

Design inspiration has hit and you want to add some colour to your living space. Or maybe you’re moving house and need the old apartment painted to secure your deposit. What’s the fix?

7. Pipes are leaking

Service Market

Drip.. drip… dripping water from the shower head is actually running up your DEWA bill, your cold faucet is running hot, and you don’t know a thing about how to use a wrench. What’s the fix?

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