Gold on 27 at Burj Al Arab

Who Wants a Taste of Old, New & Future Dubai at Gold On 27?!

Making a bold, all-gold statement on the 27th floor of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Gold On 27 is your answer to a night out that guarantees an #OnlyinDubai twist of creativity and outrageous flair.

We took an after-work trip to Gold On 27 to check out the chemistry-lab precision and unparalleled ingenuity behind each innovative drink. With an eclectic menu that takes you from Old Dubai into New Dubai and onto Future Dubai, you can expect everything from dry-ice genie lamps to a recreation of ‘The Dubai Frame’ served-up in experimental style. Check it out…

So, what was our tipple?! We tasted creations from across the entire menu to bring you some of our favourite picks…

Taste Old Dubai at Gold On 27

Themed around Dubai heritage and traditions, you can expect goat-skin Bedouin bags and barrel-aged top-shelf choices to make an appearance on this menu! We’re loving:

Scent of the Souk: The most ‘Instagrammed’ drink on the menu… because who doesn’t want to see aromatic dry-ice ooze out from an old Oud lamp?! This fusion of flavours will remind you of Dubai’s famous souks. Use your 3 wishes wisely…

Merchant Coast: Expect a treasure-chest to open up and reveal two crystal glasses and a dainty tap. This is a drink that draws inspiration from Dubai’s ports and their flourishing activity. Make sure you take a bite of the chocolate embellishment!

Taste New Dubai at Gold On 27

Innovative design, gold and camels… all synonymous with Dubai and all featuring on the New Dubai menu at Gold On 27. We’re loving:

Haj the Camel: This tiki-style fusion is served up in a camel cup. Say ‘hello’ to Haj because he won’t be around too much longer. Did you know camels are assigned a different name every year?! That means, this drink will have a new name soon!

Element 79: Named after the atomic number for gold and delivering a chemistry-style reaction, expect gold pearlesence and a golden cloud to react inside a glass flute when this drink is presented to you.

The Dubai Frame: Yes, you can order The Dubai Frame and take a sip from it… after taking a picture, of course. A recreation of Dubai’s newest landmark, this drink captures the world where old and new flavours fuse together!

Taste Future Dubai at Gold On 27

Inspired by Dubai’s aspirations, Expo2020 and ambitious feats of achievement, the Future Menu is way ahead of the game! We’re loving:

Museum of the Future: Peanut butter on toast… in a glass. You won’t believe it until you taste it, but this is one drink that somehow manages to recreate breakfast. The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and execute it… and they can do just that at Gold On 27.

Strength in Unity: Egg white, pipettes and colourful UAE-flag creativity. This is a drink that blends together ingredients from around the world to give you a taste of Dubai’s ethos of community.

Still want more?

  • With floor-to-ceiling windows, you can take in the sunset sea views if you arrive at Gold On 27 early.
  • Expect walls bedecked in gold leaf and a molten gold ceiling with glass-like golden lighting to set the mood for your evening.
  • Internationally-acclaimed Dj Darko plays Nu-House beats throughout the night, ensuring laid-back vibes while you linger over your drink.
  • The snacks are as innovative as the drinks; expect everything from caramel and black-pepper popcorn to beef skewers and foie gras.

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