Where Was in5 When We Were Starting Out?!

Ever had a great idea, but didn’t know how to turn it into a reality? As a startup ourselves, we know exactly how that feels and would have benefited from the facilities and opportunities at in5. Launched in 2013, in5 is an enabling platform launched by TECOM Group that gives budding entrepreneurs a place to start up and introduce their business to the world.

in5 is open for students, startups and entrepreneurs, with a super easy online application process and a variety of membership packages to choose from. Not looking to set up a business? Don’t need access to mentors and private training sessions? No problem! in5 still lets you use the space for free to network, work, attend open events, and of course, get inspired.

in5 is also open for external parties where you are able to book the meeting and conference facilities, or even use the open areas to host an event. Top tip: if you are a registered in5 startup or member, you’ll benefit from discounted rates on venue bookings.

We spent the day touring around in5’s three specialised innovation centres – Tech, Design and Media – while learning about the different facilities and co-working spaces available to those who are part of the in5 community. From recording studios and screening rooms to editing suites and prototyping labs (we even made a little robot friend from the 3D printer!), we were super impressed with in5’s state-of-the-art facilities.

The in5 innovation centres

Designed to inspire creativity, the three in5 innovation centres offer impressive facilities, training opportunities and mentorship programmes.

in5 Tech

Home to co-working spaces and a multi-purpose hall, tech buffs have the opportunity to really take their ideas off the ground. The Tech Innovation centre is even home to a Smart Lab which features futuristic technology such as robotics.

Great for: software developers, virtual reality developers, app developers

Location: Dubai Internet City

in5 Design

The prototyping lab at in5 Design features everything from 3D printers and electronics to specialised machinery for work with metals, wood, plastic and textiles.

Great for: engineers, architects, fashion designers

Location: Hai d3 in Dubai Design District

in5 Media

At in5 Media, media enthusiasts get the opportunity to work on creative projects with a focus on digital content creation. Home to fully-equipped production and recording studios, screening rooms and editing suites, budding entrepreneurs can share their work and even collaborate with other like-minded startups.

Great for: publishers, videographers, photographers

Location: Dubai Production City

The simple application process

To register your business, in5 has a simple process for applicants and this is how it works:

  1. Submission: applicants should submit their idea online via the in5 website
  2. Validation: applications will be assessed based on the feasibility of their pitches
  3. Presentation: successful applicants will need to present their ideas
  4. Incubation: successful applicants will have access to in5’s facilities, training and mentorship programmes
  5. Graduation: in5 entrepreneurs will become part of the in5 alumni network, and have the opportunity to connect with multinational businesses, SMEs and other entrepreneurs

The 5 key benefits

To help startups grow within the region and even globally, there are five key benefits for entrepreneurs who join in5:

  1. Business Setup: in5 offers an easy business setup and registration process, complete with co-working desks and private offices
  2. Creative Spaces: you will have access to specialised facilities, prototyping labs, green rooms, screening rooms, recording studios, cafés and more
  3. Training & Mentorship: in5 members will benefit from advisors and knowledge transfer, as well as business training and technical workshops
  4. Networking & Events: through community events, seminars and conferences
  5. Investment Opportunities: you will get an introduction to angel investors and opportunities to present to venture capitalists

For more information and to apply now, just visit the in5 website, call +971 4 451 1555, or email at info@infive.ae.

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