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Find Out How These Nurseries Are Taking Safety & Hygiene to the Next Level

Parents living in the UAE, we have some great news to share! As a reputable child development leader in the region, Kids First Group now boasts the Safe Child Care certificate. Awarded by Boecker (an association that focuses on public health), this impressive collaboration means that all Kids First Group nurseries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will ensure that audits, training and disinfection are taking place on a regular basis.

This Boecker certification is a long-term collaboration which not only prioritises children’s early health and development, but also puts parents at ease.

Safe Child Care Infant & Child Safety Certificate by Boecker

This is the most specialised and comprehensive certification programme for nurseries, kindergartens and pre-schools that thoroughly looks into children’s safety.

The importance of health and hygiene

According to the health experts at Boecker, children are three times more likely to catch an infectious disease from nursery. Whether it’s their surrounding environment or playing with other children, we all know how fast germs can spread. This is especially important for younger children as they are still in the process of developing their immune systems.

Having improper nursery health and hygiene processes not only affects your child’s wellbeing, but also impacts their learning, as well.

Safety and hygiene first

The collaboration between Kids First Group and Boecker promises to offer children the most hygienic nursery conditions, giving parents a peace of mind.

Here’s a breakdown of Boecker’s strict health and wellbeing policy that nurseries have to follow:

  • Nursery staff have to follow specific hygienic measures; these include disinfecting and segregating classroom items, sanitising the entire nursery, following strict cleaning schedules, and full cleaning of high-risk areas such as diaper beds and sleeping rooms.
  • Usage of top-quality disinfecting sprays and solutions.
  • Usage of different cleaning tools for each room (e.g. school kitchens and toilets) to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Strict food storage and disposal plan which involves training staff on the best practise for bottle preparation.
  • Thorough staff training on children’s health and safety, including accident-preventing behaviour what to do in case of accidents.
  • Ensuring the nursery’s healthcare centre has a comprehensive policy which handles medication and documentation in the best way possible.

About Kids First Group

Kids First Group is a leading institution here in the UAE, with a key focus on early educations and childcare for pre-school children at nursery level. Kids First Group has five nurseries in Dubai and five nurseries in Abu Dhabi, including:

Here’s what some of the Kids First Group nursery owners had to say about this programme:

For more info about Kids First Group, you can get in touch with them on +971 4 453 1143 or via email at

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