Mashreq is Giving Away AED 500 Vouchers to the Biggest Cricket Fans

Think you’re the ultimate cricket fan? Here’s your chance to prove it — and win daily prizes worth AED 500 from Mashreq Bank! Entry details below

Show Mashreq your best cricket fan face

The #MashreqMegaFans contest is looking for the biggest cricket fans around — and everyone’s invited to show off what they’ve got for free giveaways.

What I need to do to win:

  1. Shoot a Slow Motion video of yourself cheering
  2. Upload the video to your Instagram or Twitter or Facebook — and tag #MashreqMegaFans

How will I know if I’ve won?

  • Visit Mashreq’s social media pages to get an update on the contest winners.
  • Each winner will receive a prize voucher of AED 500

Tips to win:

  • Invite your friends to compete
  • Be creative and fun
  • Represent your favorite cricket team!

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