This is McDonald's Like We've Never Seen it Before!

Self-ordering kiosks, table service and customised orders… at McDonald’s! When we heard the rumours, we had to check it out for ourselves. Can you actually have a restaurant-style experience at Maccy D’s?! Can you really customise The Clubhouse from the McDonald’s Signature Collection burgers? Is the free Wi-Fi free… forever? The answer to all of this is ‘YES’!

We took an extended lunch break at the McDonald’s restaurant on Jumeirah Road to check out the entire experience, from self-ordering kiosks and Signature Collection burgers to the barista-style coffee and cake. Let’s just say, McDonald’s in the UAE is upping its game by showing-off its experience of the future. Take a look…

The McDonald’s menu & dine-in experience

Kiss goodbye to queues and waiting times! We were personally greeted by a ‘Guest Experience Manager’ when we arrived at McDonald’s and shown to the self-ordering kiosks where we ordered and paid without any hold-up. Getting tech-savvy in service, all we had to do was scroll, swipe and tap to select whatever we wanted from the McDonald’s menu before deciding whether to dine-in or take-out and whether to pay by cash or by card. We grabbed a table number, sat back and waited for the food to be served to us, of course. Soooo easy.

We’re lovin’: the fact that you can customise your own order. Feel like doubling up on your burgers or loading up on your cheese? Just tap that. You want more Oreo’s in your Milkshake? Go for it!

The McDonald’s Signature Collection Burgers

Look up at the counters and you’ll see dynamic digital McDonald’s menus are now a thing. Look a little further and you’ll find all-new premium burgers are waiting to be found on the menu. Yes, the McDonald’s Signature Collection is making a meaty mark with prime cuts of Angus Halal beef, breaded Halal white chicken breast and fresh ingredients to ensure a more premium experience. Of course, we tried all the Signature Collection burgers: The Clubhouse, The Chicken Mexicano & The Mushroom.

We’re lovin’: all of them! But if we had to choose, The Chicken Mexicano (with jalapeños and guac!) was a team winner. In fact, McDonald’s have just added a new Extra Spicy Chicken Mexicano to the Signature Collection menu, so it must be a UAE favourite! Craving an extra kick of spice? This is the burger for you.

Wi-Fi, workspaces & McCafé treats

Do people even work from the office anymore?! The digital age requires work spaces where we can swing by with our laptops and setup for the day. McDonald’s is on top of this with individual work stations, free Wi-Fi AND McCafé essentials. Coffee, connectivity, cake… the 3 C’s that’ll get you through any day! Serving up barista-style coffee, hot chocolate and fresh sweet treats, McCafé is shaking things up around the city.

We’re lovin’: The red-velvet cake and the macarons… or Maccy-roons’ as we’ve now renamed them (you heard it here first)!

McDonald’s is definitely moving with the age of convenience to ensure everything is at your fingertips. Hit your nearest branch for an affordable dine-in breakfast, lunch or dinner with friends and let us know what you think!

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