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Dubai’s First Cake Shop Just Got a Makeover & it Looks Awesome!

Lotus, red velvet, chocolate fudge, rainbow… there’s nothing a deliciously sweet slice of cake can’t fix (we’re talking from experience!) Whether you’re looking for ready-made signature cakes or customised birthday cakes, the dessert experts at Mister Baker are ready to make your cake goals come true. #LetsCelebrate… with Mister Baker!

Mister Baker has been satisfying Dubai’s cake cravings since 1990, with its impressive creations that can be customised for any celebration at affordable prices. This homegrown bakery is one of the oldest pastry shops in the UAE and has quickly grown to have 18 outlets across all seven emirates. One of the recently renovated Mister Baker stores is in Jumeirah and re-opened its doors last week.

Celebrate with Rainbow, Lotus & Oreo flavours!

From a mouth-watering array of signature cakes to creative celebration cakes, Mister Baker was made for Dubai’s cake lovers. Whether you prefer sponge, mousse or cream fillings, get ready to experience sweet satisfaction like never before. From Rainbow cake and Cheesecake to Chocolate Truffle Crunch and Crunch Cake, here are some of Mister Baker’s best-selling creations:

For the Lotus lovers…

Via Instagram | @misterbakeruae

For the Oreo obsessed…

Via Instagram | @misterbakeruae

For the Rainbow cake addicts…

Via Instagram | @misterbakeruae

Customise and watch your dream cake come to life

Whether it’s a graduation, birthday bash, wedding, or anniversary, Mister Baker lets you customise your dream cake from scratch. Catering to a range of different budgets, this cake shop can whip up impressive creations for anyone and everyone. Need some inspiration? Check out these awesome customised cakes made by Mister Baker:

Via Instagram | @misterbakeruae

Order online or visit one of the many stores

With so many branches conveniently located around town, getting your hands on the perfect cake has never been easier! You can shop online via the Mister Baker website, or alternatively you can visit one of the many cake shops across the country. For signature, ready-made cakes, prices range anywhere between AED 90 and AED 360; customised, celebration cakes range from around AED 300 to AED 510.

Who’s ready to go cake crazy?!

For more information about this cake shop in Dubai, check out the Mister Baker website, Mister Baker Instagram page, or Mister Baker Facebook page.

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