6 Reasons Why This Compact SUV Will Surprise You

Bold, playful and oh-so urban, it’s time to get excited about the newest compact crossover to hit the streets. The Mitsubishi ASX is the king of versatility, offering adventure seekers a new thrill behind the wheel. What’s new and improved about the compact SUV that’s got motorheads so excited? Here are six things about the all-new Mitsubishi ASX that will surprise you…

It’s a powerful compact

Driving the Mitsubishi ASX is an adrenaline rush  — without a doubt! As compact SUVs continue to dominate the market, the Mitsubishi ASX is the type of vehicle that manages to surprise you around every corner, side street and highway adventure. If the best things come in smaller packages, the Mitsubishi ASX is upsizing the competition with spacious interiors and engine power.

Every ride is an adventure

Hitting the streets should always inspire adventure — which is why the Mitsubishi ASX is bound to become your new favorite weekend warrior. This compact crossover adds a jolt of energy to your daily commutes, transforming monotonous journeys into enjoyable road trips. To put it simply: it’s a thoroughly fun car to take out on the road.

You’ll want to raise the (glass) roof!

Seriously though — take a look at this monster panoramic glass roof! All the design elements of the Mitsubishi ASX have been carefully curated to combine style with brilliant functional features. The interiors are sleek and spacious thanks to a full-flat rear seat (which is handy if you’re transporting furniture, sports equipment or other big items,) and the glass roof allows you and your crew to enjoy everything from blue skies to city skylines.

The engine packs a punch

Two words: Sports Mode! It’s one of the best features from the Mitsubishi ASX’s 2.0 liter engine, allowing you effortless acceleration from any speed while anticipating your every move. If you love manual shifting without the hassle of a clutch, this is definitely your type of ride. With cutting edge shock absorbers and stabilizers, drivers are free to take on any terrain.

‘Smart’ safety features

You’ll spend time getting to know your Mitsubishi ASX… and it will be doing the same thing right back! This compact SUV actually monitors your driving style, which it uses to create a smart profile that helps anticipate your driving decisions — it’s a pretty impressive system meant to keep you safe and in control behind the wheel. For anyone who values safety but doesn’t want to sacrifice style and performance, the Mitsubishi ASX ticks all the right boxes.

Tech-savvy features for a smooth ride

Auto headlights, auto windshield wipers, auto air conditioning… Is there anything ‘non-auto’ in this vehicle?! The Mitsubishi ASX’s tech-savvy automatic features promise a smooth, convenient and hassle-free ride. This compact SUV even comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features, allowing users to safely and easily enjoy on-road entertainment and navigation at the touch of a button.

Ready for a new road adventure? Get more details on the Mitsubishi ASX right now!

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