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The First Person to Find this Car in Dubai Tomorrow — WINS IT!

We all know April Fools’ Day is the ultimate time for pranks and fakery, but if there’s one thing we DO NOT joke about — it’s winning free stuff.

So check this out: Nissan Arabian Automobiles is giving away a new car to the first person who can solve the mystery of its secret location. Oh, and it costs nothing to enter the competition! Here’s the details…

Nissan is hiding a free car in Dubai — can you figure out where?


Nissan Arabian Automobiles is inviting you to play #FoolOrNoFool on April 1  and the prize giveaway is pretty epic. A new Nissan Kicks is up for grabs to the person who can reach it first. The vehicle is in a secret location somewhere in Dubai your job is to figure out where using clues from social media.

How the contest works:

  • At 10am on Sunday, April 1, the official Nissan Arabian Automobiles Facebook page will start a Live video stream.
  • They will be dropping clues during the Live stream that will lead to the cars location  pay attention!
  • First person who reaches the car, will win it live on Facebook.

Ohhh yeah! There’s NO WAY we’re passing up the chance to drive off in a new car for free. But don’t be April fooled this competition is going to attract thousands of eager participants. Who’s ready to claim their prize?!

Contest rules:

  1. This competition is open to UAE residents only.
  2. It costs nothing to enter.
  3. The winner of the Nissan Kicks will be the first person to enter the car and sit in the driver’s seat.
  4. Legal action will be taken against any individual who tries to sabotage this competition through unfair means.

#FoolOrNoFool kicks off on Sunday, April 1 at 10am with a Facebook Live stream. Remember folks finders keepers!


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