This UAE Brand Has Collected Over 500kg of Rubbish For Recycling

Did you know that humans throw away 260 million tons of plastic each year… but only 10% is actually recycled?! Plastic pollution is a massive issue around the world, especially in oceans where sealife and underwater ecosystems are hugely affected. From plastic bags and bottles to fishing gear and food containers, at least eight million tons of plastic enter the oceans each year.

A brand that has played a significant part in educating and spreading awareness about plastic pollution in the UAE is Oasis Water. In partnership with Simply Bottles, Oasis recently invited over 350 kids from schools around the city to participate in a beach clean-up event, which resulted in over 500kg of rubbish collected for recycling.

Inspiring people to work #TogetherForGood, here’s a glimpse of what went down when Oasis teamed up with Simply Bottles to collect and recycle excess plastic from Dubai’s beaches…

Other ways Oasis is protecting the environment

Oasis Water regularly takes part in community initiatives in the UAE and is known as a leading brand when it comes to conserving the environment. Here’s how Oasis is doing its part to prevent plastic pollution:

  • The brand introduced the UAE’s lightest 500ml plastic bottle by reducing the plastic by 45%.
  • Oasis became the first company in the region to introduce the 5-gallon concept, which saves thousands of tons of plastic from going to landfills each year.
  • The brand ensures that all its PET products are 100% recyclable (including bottles, caps and labels).

What you can do to prevent plastic pollution

Looking for ways to help the environment? From reusing to recycling, here are a few simple things you can do to prevent plastic pollution:

  1. Bring your on-the-go car cup with you to your morning coffee shop; this will help reduce lids and plastic/paper cups.
  2. Invest in a cloth/material bag which you can take to the mall or supermarket when you go shopping.
  3. Try to use reusable utensils instead of plastic cutlery and straws.
  4. If you bring lunch to the office, avoid using plastic sandwich bags and try to use reusable lunch boxes.

For more information about what Oasis is doing to help the environment, visit the Our Oasis website. Alternatively, you can check out the Oasis Instagram page and Oasis Facebook page.

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