#DubaiProblems: Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

From Friday lie-ins to the recommended eight hours, there really is nothing like the perfect night’s sleep. However, living in a vibrant city like Dubai where workaholics and socialites roam the streets, the perfect night’s sleep can often be sacrificed. From juggling work to living the expat life to the fullest, hands up if your Dubai lifestyle is affecting your sleeping pattern?!

#DubaiProblems: Are you getting enough sleep?

Eat, work, play, repeat… It’s no surprise that many Dubai residents don’t get the recommended eight hours in ‘the city that never sleeps’. From non-stop social schedules to long working hours, here are five different types of people you’ll often find around the city:

The 9-to-never-ends workaholic… where overtime is non-existent and deadlines always come before sleep (even if it means sometimes sleeping in the office!)

The invincible parent… where school runs start at 6am and long summer holidays mean three months of non-stop activities (so you can kiss goodbye to sleeping through the night!)

The non-stop socialite… who suffers from severe FOMO (fear of missing out) and is all about living the ultimate #DubaiLife all day, every day… which means less time sleeping and more time on the dance floor!

The weekend hibernator… who sleeps through the entire weekend after a long week of overtime in the office.

The YOLO jet-setter… who would rather use those hours travelling the world than sleeping (even if that means only getting two hours of sleep on the plane before coming back to work).

Which one are you?! We’re definitely guilty ‘hibernators’!

The secret sleepover mission

Putting themselves to the challenge of solving this sleep problem, our friends at John Lewis have decided to host a secret sleepover (shhh, don’t tell anyone!) Disrupting the lives of eight Dubai residents this Thursday, the department store will be opening its doors after-hours for an exclusive slumber party.

With a dedicated ‘Sleep Room‘ within the store itself, we’ll be heading down to John Lewis at Robinsons this Thursday to put city life on ‘snooze’ for a night. Claiming to have mattresses with special pocket springs and Yorkshire wool fillings, it’s time to find out if John Lewis really does offer the perfect night’s sleep

Keep an eye on our Instagram this Thursday night as we take you behind the scenes at John Lewis’ secret sleepover. The full video will also be coming soon so stay tuned!

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