WATCH: This is How We Satisfy ALL Our Foodie Cravings!

If you’ve got a craving, TGI Fridays has the answer. From crispy chicken sliders to tasty Tex-Mex creations, we decided to ditch the office to try out all the new menu items on offer. Check it out!

Starters with a bang

You’ll recognise TGI Fridays classics like buffalo wings and loaded potato skins, but they’ve also got awesome new Tex-Mex creations in the mix. We loved the Taquito Stack topped with homemade guacamole – they’re bite-sized, crunchy and loaded with melt-in-your-mouth BBQ braised beef. Another must-try starter is the Cowboy Beef Tostados, layered with savoury braised beef, salsa and garden-fresh romaine lettuce. Squeeze a bit of lime on top for some added authenticity.

Mains with attitude

TGI Fridays has an awesome revamped menu

TGI Fridays Dubai is big on variety, no matter what food mood you’re in. For sandwich lovers, the Lava Chicken doesn’t hold back on Asian-style spices. Got a weakness for BBQ vibes? The Lemon Chilli Chicken comes served with grilled corn cobs. Need some pasta in your life? Our new favourite dish here is the Pepperoni Chicken that features fettuccine with home-made marinara and pepperoni slices – all topped with melted cheese.

Tasty Tex-Mex

If you love freshly-grilled meat, try the Chile Cilantro Chicken Skewers – it comes with mango jalapeño slaw that gives the chicken a really unique flavour. Want a break from traditional salads? We suggest going for a Mexi Bowl. With a choice between grilled sirloin, chicken, Norwegian salmon and shrimp (our favourite), the bowl comes packed with colourful ingredients like roasted corn, black beans and pico de gallo salsa.

Verdict: TGI Fridays has upped its game! The dishes are loaded with fresh ingredients; our favourite newbie to the menu is the Pepperoni Chicken.

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