Service Market

Need Help Around the House? There’s a New Dubai App For That…

Everybody wants an easy fix for keeping the house in order – from cleaning the bathroom to painting the walls. If you’re opting to hire professional help, the ServiceMarket app makes things easier by giving you lots of choices, handy price comparisons and customer reviews.

The home services app allows you to book a range of services on-the-spot and straight from your smartphone. Here’s a quick breakdown of what ServiceMarket is all about…

Hire help for almost anything

You’ll find ServiceMarket really useful when searching online for home services (and new ones are constantly being added.) They’ve got more than 25 service categories to choose from, including:

  • cleaning
  • painting
  • movers
  • handyman work
  • AC repair
  • pest control

Whether it’s booking a weekly maid visit or a moving company, ServiceMarket makes finding the right business for your needs and budget really simple and convenient.

Make a booking in 60 seconds

The ServiceMarket app

If you’ve got a busy work/life schedule, ServiceMarket simplifies things by letting you manage and view all your bookings in one place. Schedule a cleaner for Saturday morning and a plumber for Monday night – the whole process takes 60 seconds. You’ll get the total price before booking with the option to make payment later. Sound easy? Try it out for yourself!

Get started by downloading the ServiceMarket app now

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