Molten Chocolate Cake at TGI Fridays

5 Friday Desserts… and They’re All For AED 29

What’s the price to put a smile on your face? We checked… and it’s about AED 29. So if you melt for chocolate, go weak for cheesecake, and obsess over brownies, we suggest spending time with the dessert menu at TGI Fridays.

If it’s finally cheat day and you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, here are 5 signature desserts you need in your life right now.

1. Molten Chocolate Cake

Molten Chocolate Cake at TGI Fridays

Taste it: TGI Fridays’ most famed dessert has always been the Molten Chocolate Cake. Plan a fork attack and watch the creamy centre drizzle out like a dream.

Made for… couples looking for the perfect date-night surprise.

2. Oreo Madness

Oreo Madness at TGI Fridays

Taste it: The Oreo Madness is an ice cream sandwich wrapped in cookie crumbs and topped with hot fudge. Our personal favourite, this bad boy is a mouthful.

Made for… cookie lovers who believe that Oreo’s make everything better.

3. New York Cheesecake

Cheesecake at TGI Fridays

Taste it: A dessert that never goes out of style, the New York Cheesecake at TGI Fridays is creamy and oh-so classic. It comes served with fresh strawberry for a sweet fruity kick.

Made for… anyone who would be proud to hashtag #CheesecakeIsLife.

4. Brownie Obsession

Brownie Obsession at TGI Fridays

Taste it: Dubbed a Brownie Obsession for good reason, you’ll get a melt-in-your-mouth brownie swimming in fudge and topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel and almonds.

Made for… all the fudge fanatics of the world.

5. Sizzling Toffee Cake

Sizzling Toffee Cake at TGI Fridays

Taste it: Toffee cake, crispy pecans, caramel, vanilla custard sauce – there’s a lot to love about this coffee-inspired dessert. Oh yeah – it also comes on a sizzling platter straight to your table.

Made for… caffeine addicts who aren’t afraid to order dessert at 10am.

Want more? We took a trip to TGI Fridays to try out the new menu – check it out.

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