There's a New MINI Hotel in Old Dubai! Check This Out...

There’s a new hotel in town and it’s breaking away from all those ‘so Dubai’ expectations. Located in the contemporary Al Seef neighbourhood in Old Dubai, Zabeeel House MINI is an explorer’s dream; it’s that no-frills hotel this city has been craving. As part of Jumeirah’s newest collection, the three-star hotel has opened its doors to offer an affordable stay without compromising on the comfort and convenience of Jumeriah hospitality.

We spent a night at Zabeel House MINI to show you just what you can expect when you stay in the city’s newest neighbourhood. It’s the MINI details that make a massive impression from the moment you check-in to the moment you check out. This place is upscale casual; it’s lowkey luxury; it’s culturally innovative… and we love it! Here’s why you will too…

Welcome to the hood!

Zabeel House MINI is parked in the heart of Al Seef, one of Dubai’s most vibrant neighbourhoods where the contemporary hotel coexists amidst the cultural surroundings of Old Dubai. Forget grand entrances and valet parking; we hopped out of a taxi, wheeled our own suitcases into the lobby and used the self check-in service… just because we could! The staff were on-hand to welcome and assist us from the moment we arrived, but they still allowed us to discover everything for ourselves, setting a refreshing tone for a laidback staycation that was always going to be on our own terms.

MINI detail: There are bowls of gummy bears at reception; help yourself!

‘Swing’ through the lobby

The lobby at Zabeel House MINI is all kinds of funked up! It’s certainly not your typical hotel lobby; in fact, it’s much more of a creative hangout split into different ‘chill’ areas. From the stylish rope swings to the cushioned couch areas, the space pops with colour and is oozing with Instagram inspiration. We love the lively vibes and the way that you can feel at home whether you’re working at the communal benches, chilling on the sofas or checking out the eclectic artwork that’s all around you.

MINI detail: Check out the floppy-disk mural in the lobby and the artsy animals that you’ll start to notice everywhere in the hotel.

Hangout in the Courtyard

Zabeel House MINI is boutique chic; it’s small, stylish and centres around its very own colourful courtyard. Benches, bean bags and Hakuna Matata cushions encourage you to kickback and relax in the outdoor space. We sipped sundowners on the colorful beanbags with our shoes off and feet up. Of course, we also chit-chatted the next morning over a coffee in the sunshine.

MINI detail: Discover the ‘being outside makes you happy’ message that’s etched into the courtyard floor. You can check it out from above when you’re walking through the hallways to your pocket room.

Snooze in your ‘Pocket Room’

Have you ever checked-in to a hotel hoping for an upgrade to a ‘better’ room? Well, Zabeel House MINI does not discriminate. No matter who you are, you’re staying in one of the 150 Pocket Rooms – and you’re going to love it. You’re immediately reminded that Dubai is always a good idea through the messaging on the wall. The room is designed for the explorer; it inspires you to get outdoors and has everything you need when it’s time to relax. Looking for smart SuitePads to control all the room functions? Check. A Nespresso machine for a quick caffeine fix? Of course. Vintage telephones to dial reception? Heck yeah! Vending machines in the corridor for that snack-attack? Thank you! A ceiling that can you show you around Dubai? Just look up! When it comes to fresh, vibrant hotel rooms… Zabeel House MINI has it all mapped out!

MINI detail: The note from ‘Mom’ that’s scrawled on the glass in the bathroom – Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Explore the Al Seef neighborhood…

When you book a stay at Zabeel House MINI, you’re booking an adventure on the path that’s less explored. We were able to take bikes, tricyles and skateboards so that we could venture through Al Seef and discover the area for ourselves. From the new restaurants and shops popping up in the area to the old souks, Abra rides and hidden alleyways… there is just so much to discover! While roaming through the Al Seef walkways, we even uncovered a hidden rooftop restaurant called Mamikonyan; it’s a Lebanese-Armenian fusion and the setting is stunning at sunset. This is just one hidden gem in a whole neighbourhood of cultural gems; don’t forget to hop across the Creek on an Abra to find where new Dubai meets Old Dubai. Be the tourist, be the local – you decide!

MINI detail: Hop in a complimentary golf buggy from the hotel and get dropped off at an Abra station.

Eat breakfast… whenever you want!

All-day breakfast? C.U there! We love the fact that this hotel encourages you to wake up when you want and eat the way you want. C.U and MishMash are the two restaurants at Zabeel House Mini and both have been brought to life through design. C.U is a fusion of vibrant meets vintage with pots, pans and old-school lampshades contrasting the fiery glass-bottle design that segments the restaurants into seating areas; this is you’re all-day dining hangout. MishMash is a modern streetfood concept where you’ll also find craft beers and a gin trolley that can come to you!

MINI detail: Look out for the table in MishMash that opens up into a pool table for some friendly competition.

Chill in the ‘bathtub’

When a hotel refers to its rooftop pool as a ‘bathtub’, you know this is a place that likes to subvert the norms! The top floor of Zabeel House MINI is all about wellbeing and relaxation. In addition to the small gym and sauna rooms, you’ll find swinging seats where you can cocoon yourself poolside. Whether you want to chill with a book or just take a few moments to switch off, this rooftop sanctuary has you sorted in stylish fashion. Life is better by the pool… but don’t spend all your time there because there’s so much to do and see when you leave the hotel!

MINI detail: If you look out from the rooftop, you’ll find awesome views of Old Dubai and the Creek!

Sound like the kind of staycay that’s been missing from your Dubai life? Book a stay at Zabeel House and make the most of the freshest hotel in the city.

FYI Dubai: Zabeel House MINI is getting a next door neighbour soon… Yes, Zabeel House Al Seef will open its doors in the coming weeks. Watch this space!

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