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6 Alternative Fitness Classes in Dubai Right Now

Bored of hitting the gym, or doing the same old workouts? You don’t need to any more! With the Dubai fitness movement still going strong, there are so many fun workouts popping up around town. From funky yoga classes in Dubai to burpees on a trampoline at Bounce Dubai, here are 6 alternative fitness classes in Dubai that are both weird and wonderful!

1. Pound at GFX Dubai

Via Facebook | @gfxuae

Inspired by drumming, Pound is a super fun class where you’ll use drum sticks to amplify your workout! This cardio-based jam session uses the floor as a drumming platform, and lets you drum to the beat of the music as you squat, sit up, lunge, and crunch. Try it out at GFX Dubai.

Price: AED 85 per class (packages available)
Where: GFX Dubai, in Business Bay & Mirdif

2. Kangoo Jumps at Kangoo Club Dubai

Via Facebook | Kangoo Club Dubai

“What on Earth is a kangoo jump?” – Think jumping around in boots attached to mini trampolines.. It may sound like a recipe for disaster, but it’s actually super safe. Kangoo Jumps is a fun (and funny) workout that burns 1000 calories an hour! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be running, jumping and dancing all around with your kangoo boots strapped on.

Price: From AED 150 including boot rental (packages available)
Where: Kangoo Club Dubai, JLT & Mirdif

3. Float at Float UAE

Via Instagram | @float_uae

Here’s a fun alternative fitness class to try, now that summer is basically back in Dubai! Float UAE is a super cool 40-minute circuit class, which is a mix of yoga, pilates and HIIT exercises – burpees and planks included! Although the float is pretty stable, be prepared to fall in to the water with this one!

Price: From AED 50 per class
Where: Float UAE, various locations – check schedule here

4. Face Yoga at The Fit Face

alternative fitness classes in dubai face yoga
Via Facebook | @TheFitFace

There are so many different type of yoga classes in Dubai, from laughing yoga to mother and baby yoga… but have you ever heard of face yoga?! (Yes, it’s actually a real thing!) Launched in Dubai by Isadora Peric, face yoga is a type of exercise that works out your facial muscles to effectively tone and sculpt your face. Natural contouring? Now that’s what we call Dubai fitness goals!

Price: AED 125 per class, AED 300 per private class, AED 490 for a masterclass (25% off for Facebook followers)
Where: The Fit Face, check out the Facebook page for updates

5. Bounce Fit at Bounce Dubai

Via Facebook | @bouncemideast

Fitness classes in Dubai can not get more fun than this. From squat jumps and jumping jacks to burpees and trampoline tricks, Bounce Dubai shows us that there’s nothing you can’t do on a trampoline. According to NASA, bouncing is the most effective exercise designed! Sign up for this supercharged 60-minute workout with great music and the coolest instructors.

Price: AED 85 per class
Where: Bounce Dubai, Al Quoz

6. Swing Yoga at Yoga La Vie Dubai

Via Instagram | @yogalaviedubai

Out of all the yoga classes in Dubai, Swing Yoga is the perfect option when you really need a good stretch, or when you’re just feeling lazy. Using suspended silk hammocks at Yoga La Vie Dubai, you’ll be twisting, stretching and hanging upside down to strengthen your practice.

Price: AED 110 per class
Where: Yoga La Vie Dubai, at Palm Jumeirah

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