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5 Different Types of Pilates Classes in Dubai That You Should Try

Whether you’re the traditional mat pilates kind, or you like to use equipment to enhance your workout, we’ve scoured the city for the coolest pilates classes in Dubai, all of which will give you an awesome core workout. From megaformer to reformer pilates Dubai, here are 5 different types of pilates classes that you need to try out..

1. Reformer Pilates at Yoga La Vie

pilates classes in dubai - yoga la vie dubai reformer pilates dubai
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Walking in to a reformer pilates class for the first time can be a little intimidating, but trust us, you will love it once you get the hang of it! Using resistance springs to strengthen your muscles, your core will seriously feel the burn. If you fancy working out to some great beats, try out Kristin’s classes on Thursday mornings.

Where: Yoga La Vie, Palm Jumeirah

2. Aero Pilates at RoshiRoss Studio

pilates classes in dubai - aero reformer pilates dubai roshiross studio
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Aero Pilates is a similar concept to Reformer Pilates, but combined with trampolining to get your heart rate up. Overall, it’s a low-impact cardio workout that burns fat (especially in your thighs), strengthens the core and tones up the full body.

Where: RoshiRoss Studio, Gold & Diamond Park

3. Megaformer Pilates at Core Club Pro

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We know, it sounds like a character from Transformers, but Megaformer pilates is a super effective workout that celebrities swear by! In fact, it’s how Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama, Kim K and Jennifer Aniston stay fit. So if you’re looking for a great workout that combines cardio, balance, strength and flexibility, try this out.

Where: Core Club Pro, Business Bay

4. Mat Pilates at Zen Yoga Dubai

pilates in dubai zen yoga dubai mat pilates classes in dubai
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Back to basics, Mat Pilates is equally as good of a workout as the rest! It may look pretty simple, but even the smallest movements can make your muscles burn. Using the pilates ball, hand weights and resistance bands, this class works on improving your posture, core, alignment and flexibility. Try out the early morning mat classes with Joanna.

Where: Zen Yoga Dubai, multiple locations

5. Chair Pilates at Real Pilates Dubai

pilates in dubai chair - real pilates dubai pilates classes in dubai
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As much as we wish this workout solely involved sitting down on a chair, this workout is the complete opposite! Using a wooden box equipped with pedals and handles, Chair Pilates is a combination of challenging exercises that are designed to work every muscle group in your body.

Where: Real Pilates Dubai, Jumeirah & JLT

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