Dubai supplements

Your Muscle Guide to Dubai’s Top Nutrition Shops

Looking to buy Dubai supplements for your workouts? From Sporter to GNC, find the best prices on fitness supplements in Dubai and locate awesome protein shops in Dubai today.

1. GNC

Whether you’re looking to burn fat, boost your vitamin intake, build muscle or cleanse your body, GNC has you covered. Often mistaken as a protein powerhouse for fitness fanatics, GNC houses every supplement you can possibly think of.

insydo tip: If you’re a member and have a GNC Gold Card, you’ll get 20% off everything from the first to seventh of each month.

2. Sporter

As one of the best and most reliable online supplement retailers for the UAE, US-based online store boasts products ranging from muscle building whey proteins and mass gainers to pre-workout formulas and weight loss supplements. Expect next-day delivery on most orders.

insydo tip: For orders above AED 100 in the UAE, shipment is free. Check the latest available deals on the homepage for discounts.

3. Gulf Supplements

Gulf Supplements is an online store with an extensive stock of bodybuilding supplements from the US. You’ll love the sheer variety of products on showcase in a wide range of categories that make browsing for what you need simple and easy. The best part? You can pay cash on delivery.

insydo tip: They’ll refund and exchange unopened products, but you’ll lose the shipping fee. (Orders coming in from the USA can’t be sent back, though.)

4. Nutrition Zone

Selling natural and nutritional supplements, organic food, and alternative health care products, Nutrition Zone boasts stores across Dubai along with an awesome online shop. Stocked with everything from amino acids to mass gainers and creatine, the shop also boasts highly knowledgable staff.

insydo tip: If you spend over AED 500, you’ll be given a store card, which will give you a 10% discount on all your purchases.

5. Life Pharmacy

As one of the largest pharmacy chains in Dubai, Life Pharmacy is well-known with fitness enthusiasts as the place to find supplements at some of the lowest prices in the city. Regularly running discounts on their most popular products including protein powders, but

insydo tip: They reduce many items near expiry – protein fanatics will love it.