Fitness First is Offering Swim Classes and Courses for All Abilities

We think it’s time you hit the pool again with one of the best aquatics programmes in town. Fitness First UAE features a standout selection of classes designed for everyone – from seasoned athletes to new swimmers.

If you want to step up your fitness game (or just want to enjoy a swim), here are a few programme highlights that you’ll love…

Swim Academy

What’s it about: Designed for all ages and abilities, this swim programme includes learn-to-swim classes, stroke development classes and a competitive swim squad. They also feature a full teen and adult programme that includes fitness sessions. You can register here.


  • 1 session will cost AED 60 (members) or AED 75 (non-members)
  • Sign up for the Continuous Course (AED 720 for members or AED 900 for non-members) that includes one group lesson per week for 12 weeks.

Masters Swim

Fitness First UAE - Fitness First Dubai

What’s it about: Aimed at adults 18 and older, Masters Swim is all about pushing your swimming skills over the edge. Perfect for more advanced swimmers, this programme consists of on-deck coaching and features progressive and structured workouts. Got Olympic dreams (or just want to improve your speed?) Masters Swim is made for you. You can register here.

Available only at… Fitness First Dubai clubs including Town Center, The Lakes Club and Mudon.


  • 1 session will cost AED 45 (members) or AED 60 (non-members)
  • 6 sessions will cost AED 240 (members) or AED 300 (non-members)
  • 12 sessions will cost AED 445 (members) or AED 540 (non-members)


Fitness First UAE - Fitness First Dubai

What’s it about: Got a big race or marathon in the pipeline? If you want help getting prepared, TRICLUB is set up to ensure you have the proper training in cycling, swimming and running. Even if you’re not in triathlon mode, it’s still an awesome programme to train and meet new people.

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MembershipTRICLUB is free for Fitness First members to join. Non-members need to register online and complete payment in the club.

Synquatics & Baby Splash

What’s it about:

  • Synquatics: Perfect for your little underwater ballerina, this programme features a combo of gymnastics, dance and swimming. Designed for children 6 and up, Synquatics is available at Fitness First in The Meadows.
  • Baby Splash: These swim classes cater to kids from 3 months to 3.5 years. Teaching the early stages of swimming along with self-rescue techniques, this programme can be lifesaving for your little ones. Baby Splash is also available at Fitness First in The Meadows.

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