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5 Free Fitness Classes in Dubai This Weekend

We know how expensive fitness classes in Dubai can be, especially if you haven’t committed to a membership. Well, if you’re looking to get fit while saving a few dirhams this weekend, we got your back! From kickboxing classes to a chocolate yoga class at the X Yoga Dubai festival, here are 5 free fitness classes in Dubai this weekend..

1. Jivamukti Yoga at XYoga Dubai

The XYoga Dubai festival kicks off this weekend, with international yoga instructors and over 60 free classes! One of them is Jivamukti Yoga – a spiritual and physical yoga practice that brings back the traditional aspects of yoga. Each class will incorporate some (or all) of the five fundamental principles that make up Jivamukti yoga: meditation, philosophy, listening, non-harming and setting an intention.

When: Friday 16th March, from 3.30pm t0 4.30pm
Where: XYoga Dubai, at Kite Beach Dubai

2. Kickboxing class

Fancy trying out a kickboxing class? Join Hussein for a free session on Thursday evening! This MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu expert will make sure you work on your speed, strength and stamina. Open to all fitness levels, beginners are welcome to join.

When: Thursday 15th March, from 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Where: Al Barsha Pond Park
Contact: 050 827 2794

3. Stair Climb at Almas Tower

Whether you’re training for a mountain climb, you’re in need a crazy leg workout or you just really like climbing stairs, this is for you! Almas Tower, the tallest business tower in Dubai, invites everyone to climb up 64 floors this weekend. FYI – that’s 280 metres and 1,600 stairs! Entry is free, but RSVP is essential.

When: Friday 16th March, 8am to 9am
Where: Almas Tower, JLT Dubai
Contact: or 04 368 0222

4. Cross Training

Need to work on your cardio endurance and strength training? Sign up for this free cross training fitness class with Coach Fredy! The class is open to all fitness levels, including complete beginners.

When: Friday 16th March, 8am to 9am
Where: Calisthenics Park
Contact: 050 827 2794

5. Chocolate Yoga at XYoga Dubai

Another cool yoga class happening at XYoga Dubai is Chocolate Yoga! So.. what on earth is chocolate yoga?! Well, back in the day cacao was used for its medicinal properties to deepen one’s awareness and connection to their energy. This, combined with a Kundalini yoga flow, meditation and mantras is said to raise your vibrations and energy. You have to see it to believe it!

When: Saturday 17th March, from 5pm to 7pm
Where: XYoga Dubai, at Kite Beach Dubai

Featured image credit: Jivamukti with Dina

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