7 Kick-Ass Martial Arts Classes That Everyone Needs To Try

Whether you want to get fighting fit, or you just want to learn how to defend yourself, these kick-ass self defense classes will get you there. From kickboxing to aikido, here are the best martial arts classes in Dubai right now…


Aikido, founded by Morehei Ueshiba, is a modern Japanese practice developed from several other martial arts. What makes it so different, is that it allows you to use movement to deflect your opponent rather than using force – in order to avoid injuring them. How nice is that? In this class, students will learn various movement, throw, and joint lock techniques to defend themselves.

Cost: AED 600 per month

Where: Dubai Karate Centre


Not your usual self defense class, but one that is worth a mention. Kalari is a traditional martial art that originates from Kerala. The class takes place in a purpose-built outdoor arena, where an experienced instructor guides you through the different moves, which are inspired by animal movements. It’s not easy, and it will probably be a while before you start getting the hang of it, but once you see how strong, agile, alert and quick the instructor is, you won’t want to stop.

Cost: AED 700 for 10 classes

Where: Sanjeev Kapoor Krishna Yoga

Kung Fu

If Po from Kung Fu Panda could do it, so can you! The ancient Chinese martial art that teaches you how to defend yourself through kicks, punches, flips, strikes, take downs and more. All of the instructors are black belt masters from China, and after some (lots of) intense training classes, you’ll be kung fu fighting, with kicks as fast as lightning!

Cost: Free trial class, from AED 1,200 for 3 months

Where: Shaolin Kung Fu


With instructors who have trained under the Grand Master Kang Shin-Chul (a living legend in the Taekwondo world), this dojang (training hall) is as traditional as it gets. This popular Korean martial art focuses mainly on kicks, including straight kicks, overhead kicks, spinning kicks, jumping kicks and super fast kicks. Basically, what every #LegDay should be like.

Cost: 3-day free trial, memberships from AED 650

Where: WTTU Moo Duk Taekwondo


No, you won’t be practicing how to hang your jacket and paint the fence in this class (if only Jackie Chan was our teacher), but you will still learn how to fight as well as him! Karate is all about discipline, concentration, patience and co-ordination, which is exactly what you will learn at this family fitness studio.

Cost: Free trial, from AED 700 a month

Where: Renshi’s Fitness Studio


This popular Dubai gym has it’s own boxing ring, and trainers who will keep pushing you to your limits. You’ll be boxing with the trainers, climbing up ropes, and more. Now it isn’t easy, in fact the group boxing classes here are one of the hardest in Dubai, but it’s all worth it once you see results.

Cost: AED 100 for non-members

Where: The Warehouse Gym Dubai


Here’s a great way to kick off your day! This is a 30-min kickboxing-inspired workout, with 9 different stations. Starting off with strength training, you then move to kickboxing and end with abs and core workouts. The best part about this class is that there’s no schedule – you can walk in and start your 30-min circuit whenever you like.

Cost: First session free, AED 2,800 for 3-month membership

Where: 9Round

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