We Just Tried Roller Skating in Dubai For The First Time Ever!

Ready to go back in time to the 90’s?! We never thought we’d be able to relive the good ol’ days where we could just strap on a pair of roller skates and skate around town.. until we heard about @WeAreSkt!

Bringing back the retro vibes, WeAreSkt is a new concept hitting the streets of Dubai where you can skate around the city, hang out with friends and stay active. And if you’re up for a crazy workout sesh, you need to try out SktFit!

Meet WeAreSkt:

Helya, Gemma and Schila are the three girls behind @WeAreSkt. With their funky neon skates, retro 90’s beats and passion for the sport, they’ve successfully brought the skating craze back to the UAE!

“We were looking for something that’s fun to do with your friends, and that’s good for you too,” explains Helya.  In addition to being a great cardio workout, skating is something that everyone has memories of doing as a kid. “We’ve got beginners who come for the first time and love it, as well as others who are doing it after ages!”

Meet TheBendyBunch:

Ready to squat on skates? @WeAreSkt have collaborated with Talayeh from @TheBendyBunch to bring you SktFit – a mix of HIIT and core workouts on skates! “If you compare regular mountain climbers, for example, to mountain climbers on skates. Balancing on the front two wheels takes so much more energy and strength,” Talayeh explains.  Yep, we gave it a go and (trust us) it’s way tougher than it looks.


We asked Helya, Talayeh and Timo a few more questions:

Can beginners join in on the skating sessions? Yes! The skating sessions are open to all levels, including newbies. Just sign up for a session and we’ll help you out.

Where can we get skates? If you don’t have your own skates, you can rent or buy a pair from us. We’ve got two types of skates – the regular in-line roller skates, and special tri-skates that you can strap on top of your trainers. The latter is usually recommended for beginners.

Where do you skate in Dubai? JLT, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Design District. We like to mix it up so people don’t get bored of skating in the same place all the time.

Where are your favourite spots to hang out around town? Kite Beach is awesome – there’s a new healthy restaurant there called Skm’d that has the best pistachio ice cream ever! Lighthouse in d3 has great breakfast, and Flamingo Room by Tasha’s is good too!

How do we get involved? To sign up for a session, visit weareskt.com/sessions, or follow @WeAreSkt to stay updated.

Tips from the pros:

We asked them to share some helpful tips:

  • Skating is great for the mood, and way more social than the gym
  • If you fall, just remember you can always get back up! (They also have protective gear available)
  • Skating is a full-body workout – easy on the joints, less impact and more flexibility
  • Speed skating burns more calories than running (approx. 981 per hour!)
  • Dubai looks better on skates!

insydo verdict: “We haven’t skated since we were kids, so this definitely brings back childhood memories! Overall, we think skating is an awesome way to stay active, meet new people and just have a blast. Our videographer was so inspired, he’s already bought a shiny new pair of skates! And if you’re up for a high-intensity workout sesh, Talayeh’s SktFit classes will make you sweat!”

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