Want to learn Parkour in Dubai? Here’s Where To Go

Whether you want to get fit while having fun, unleash your inner Tarzan, learn how to do back-flips in the air, or just be more aware of your surroundings, parkour is a great sport to learn! Check out these three awesome parkour Dubai gyms that we are loving right now…


Via Facebook / @GravityCalisthenicsGym

Gravity Dubai is a friendly space that is dedicated to parkour and calisthenics training. In fact, this is where you’ll find all of Dubai’s parkour experts hanging about (literally), teaching others their cool new tricks. Sign yourself up for a beginner class to learn all the basics, building confidence and agility, or the advanced class if you want to progress to longer jumps and higher surfaces. Gravity also offers parkour classes for kids, which is a great way for them to unleash their inner Tarzans, and stay fit.

Cost: Free trial class

Where: Gravity Gym Dubai, in Al Quoz


Parkour Dubai

Via Facebook / @parkourdxb

Parkour Dubai teaches parkour to kids, adults and even the elderly – basically anyone who wants to connect with their inner child and explore their environment through play. They have a great space filled with a wide variety parkour obstacles, however a lot of the group classes are practiced out in the real world, which is what parkour is really about. On top of the group classes and personal training, Parkour Dubai also hosts school programs, workshops, camps and shows!

Cost: AED 120 per session

Where: Parkour Dubai, Al Quoz

Fit Inc.

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Fit Inc. is one of Dubai’s most popular gyms right now, and that’s because of all the awesome classes they offer – including parkour! The gym has an outdoor training area filled with functional and parkour training rigs, which is perfect now that it’s winter! Whether you want to take personal parkour sessions or just practice your leaps and climbs on your own, Fit Inc. is a great place to learn the sport.

Cost: Free trial class

Where: Fit Inc., near Trade Center

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