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Arabic Restaurants in Dubai that Serve the Best Falafel

Calling all falafel fanatics! If you love falafel as much as we do, you need to check out these Arabic restaurants in Dubai. From Safadi Dubai to Sah El Nom, we’ve rounded up the top takeaway and dine-in spots for the best falafel in Dubai!

1. Al Safadi Dubai

Arabic restaurants in Dubai for falafel in Dubai - Al Safadi Dubai
Via Facebook | @alsafadirestaurants

The falafel at Al Safadi Dubai is yummmm! Crispy on the outside, full of flavour and topped with sesame seeds, we literally cannot get enough of it. Don’t forget to try it with the Tahini sauce, the two are perfect together. Other dishes to try: Hummus, kebabs and arayes.

Where: Al Safadi Dubai, mutliple locations

2. Al Hallab

Arabic restaurants in Dubai for falafel in Dubai - Al Hallab Dubai
Via Facebook | @AlHallabUAE

Another Arabic restaurant in Dubai that serves great falafel is Al Hallab, which you can find at Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. While you’re there, make sure to order the grill platter, fattoush and the kunafa!

Where: Al Hallab, multiple locations

3. Enab Beirut

Arabic restaurants in Dubai for falafel in Dubai - Enab Beirut
Via Instagram | @enabbeirutdubai

The falafel at this Arabic restaurant should be on every falafel lover’s list! Not just that, all of the hot mezze options at Enab Beirut are delicious. Make sure to try the grilled platter and the shisha while you’re there!

Where: Enab Beirut, at City Walk Dubai

4. Farisian Cafeteria

arabic restaurants in dubai for falafel in dubai parisian cafeteria

There are only 3 items on the menu at this hole-in-the-wall cafeteria, and one of its bestsellers is the falafel sandwich! Farisian Cafeteria is one of the oldest cafeterias in town, and falafel lovers all over Dubai have ranked it the best falafel restaurant in Dubai. Try it out to see what all the fuss is about, and have the samosas too!

Where: Farisian Cafe, Meena Bazaar (next to Choithram’s)

5. Sah El Nom

arabic restaurants in dubai for falafel in dubai sah el nom
Via Facebook | @Sah-El-Nom

Sah El Nom is the place to go when it’s cheat day, or when you’re just craving some delicious deep-fried crispy falafel! This Syrian restaurant is also famous for its Levantine breakfast, kibbeh and great shisha.

Where: Sah El Nom, in Business Bay

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