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7 of the Best Veggie Burgers in Dubai – Ranked!

Looking for the best veggie burger in town? We got you covered! From a cheese lover’s dream come true at Shake Shack to healthy burgers at vegan restaurants in Dubai, these are the 7 best veggie burgers in Dubai right now..

7. Beenoa at Moylo’s

There’s only one veggie option to try at Moylo’s, and it’s actually really really good! The Beenoa patty is made from cannellini beans, quinoa and beetroot, and is topped off grilled tomatoes, lettuce, truffled onions and aioli. Yep, we’re hungry just thinking about it!

6. Portobello Burger at Super Natural Kitchen

Calling all raw foodies, or anyone who’s on a diet. Super Natural Kitchen in Galleries Lafayette is a hundred percent raw, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free too! Their Portobello burger has mushrooms instead of burger buns (yes, actually), filled with vegan cheesy sauce, tomato, pickles and crispy onions – yummm!

5. Vegan Burger at Life’N One

The vegan burger at Life’N One totally deserves a spot on this list. Sandwiched between homemade gluten-free burger buns, the vegan patty is topped with aubergine, greens and vegan mayo, this burger is both healthy and delishhh – win!

4. Veggie Burger at South St. Burger

Kind of like a Subway for burgers, South St. Burger lets you design your own burgers from scratch. Their veggie burgers are so good that even carnivores like them! And if that’s not convincing enough, South St. Burger also serves New York Fries! FYI you can get free burgers on your birthday –  just sign up on their website.

3. Tex Mex Burger at Dirt Vegan Burger

Here’s a great veggie burger to try, especially if you still occasionally miss the taste of meat. Vegans all over the city have been raving about the burgers at Dirt! From crispy hash brown burgers to burgers with mock chicken or beef patties, this burger joint is definitely one to try!

2. Shroom Burger at Shake Shack

Every single time we have the Shroom burger at Shake Shack, we’re always baffled at how such a small thing can taste sooo good! Everything from the burger bun, the fried mushroom patty, the melted cheese stuffed in the patty and the sauce drizzled on top is just wow.

1. Portobello Mushroom Burger at Blaze Burgers

And our number one spot goes to.. *drum roll* – Blaze Burgers! Their giant grilled portobello mushroom burgers are mouth-wateringly delicious, no matter which sauces or toppings you add on. You can choose to get your burger buns swapped for a lettuce wrap, but it’s wayyy better with bread!

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