5 Café Hotspots in Dubai You (Probably) Haven’t Heard Of

As caffeine addicts ourselves, starting the day with a decent cup of coffee is vital. Thankfully, Dubai is filled with awesome hangouts with plenty of caffeinated varieties to choose from. Here are some of our favourite café hotspots in Dubai right now…

1. Cupagahwa

Cupagahwa - cafes in Dubai
Via Instagram | @cupagahwa

Serving up local Arabian flavour in a cup, head down to one of the many Cupagahwa branches in town for quality coffee, tea and coco-infused drinks. This international-style café offers local favourites such as Karak and saffron milk, as well as quirky creations including pistachio lattes and frapa unicorns.

Where: Multiple locations including La Mer and JBR

Price: Around AED 17 for a latte and AED 13 for Karak

2. Brew Café

Brew Café - cafes in Dubai
Via Instagram | @brewcafeuae

Brew Café is a cozy, little coffee shop on Jumeirah Beach Road that serves everything from breakfast bowls and homemade desserts to coffees and hot chocolates. Brownie cookies, chocolate truffle pie and date truffles are also available to satisfy your sweet tooth! Not a fan of dairy? You’ll be happy to know that Brew Café also offers soy, organic almond and lactose free milk options.

Where: Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah Beach Road

Price: Around AED 15 for a latte and AED 18 for a hot chocolate

3. Myocum

Myocum - cafes in Dubai
Via Instagram | @myocum_dubai

Offering fresh food, coffee and tea in a cozy setting, Myocum is a caffeine lover’s dream come true. You’ll find everything from cold brew creations, Oka blends from Ethiopia, flavoured teas, and even organic single origin coffee poured over gelato. For the non-caffeine addicts, the menu offers a range of caffeine-free drinks such as chai latte and turmeric blends.

Where: Dar Wasl Mall, Al Safa

Price: Around AED 24 for a latte and AED 22 for tea

4. Kava & Chai

Kava & Chai - cafes in Dubai
Via Instagram | @kavaandchai

If you’re looking for a cafe hotspot that’s obsessed with specialty coffee and tea, you’ll want to check out Kava & Chai. A cozy, little hangout in Al Seef, choose from a range of different hot and cold drinks, including specialty brews such as drip filter coffee, matcha lattes, tea-based smoothies and more.

Where: Al Seef Dubai and American University of Sharjah

Price: Around AED 19 for a latte and AED 13 for a Karak Masala tea

5. 21 Grams – Urban Balkan Bistro

21 Grams - Urban Balkan Bistro - cafes in Dubai
Via Instagram | @21grams.dubai

21 Grams – Urban Balkan Bistro is Dubai’s very own local roastery, serving specialty coffees from around the world. From hot to cold coffee brews, you’ll find a menu packed with caffeinated favourites such as macchiatos, café lattes, flat whites and ice cappuccinos. Grab a bite to eat while you’re there and choose from a delicious selection of homemade dishes.

Where: Umm Suqeim

Price: Around AED 21 for a latte and AED 25 for a Turkish coffee

Coffee lovers, be sure to check out our favourite café hotspots in Dubai for latte art and flavoured coffee!