Cheesy Chips Oman Maki at Moshi - Momo & Sushi

5 Dishes in Dubai that are Made With Chips Oman

If you’ve lived in Dubai long enough, you’ll be familiar with everyone’s favourite spicy crisps known as Chips Oman. A popular childhood snack that’s loved across the country, Chips Oman really is the ultimate comfort food. From Chips Oman Donuts to Cheese Chips Oman Paratha, here are five dishes in Dubai that are made with Chips Oman.

1. Cheesy Chips Oman Maki at Moshi – Momo & Sushi

Cheesy Chips Oman Maki at Moshi - Momo & Sushi
Via Instagram / @moshiuae

Moshi – Momo & Sushi is a unique concept that brings the best of Japanese and Nepalese cuisine together. Adding a unique twist on the two country’s most celebrated dishes – Sushi and Momos (Nepalese dumplings) – Moshi caters for most palates with its quirky combinations. One of our favourites is the Cheesy Chips Oman Maki – a unique fusion of Chips Oman and cheese.

Location: Multiple branches

2. Chips Oman Donuts at IL Donaccino

Chips Oman Donuts at IL Donaccino
Via Facebook / @ILdonaccino

The perfect foodie spot for vegans and vegetarians, IL Donaccino offers eggless doughnuts in an array of sweet and savoury flavours. The famous Chips Oman Donut is filled and topped with Chips Oman, creamy cheese, and chilli flakes.

Location: JLT

3. Cheese Chips Oman Paratha at HumYum

Cheese Chips Oman Paratha at HumYum
Via Instagram / @humyum

HumYum is an Emirati restaurant and café that serves up classic comfort food. From mouth-watering Khamir to Paratha Rolls, this is the place to visit for on-the-go snacks. Be sure to check out their Cheese Chips Oman Paratha!

Location: Umm Suqeim

4. Cheese Chips Pancakes at Freez

Cheese Chips Pancake at Freez
Via Instagram | @foodengineer_dxb

From over-sized Nutella jars filled with milkshake to fresh pancakes drenched in chocolate, Freez is a sweet (and savoury!) lover’s paradise. We’re particularly loving the Cheese Chips Pancake – delicious mini pancakes topped with cheese and Chips Oman.

Location: Multiple locations but we’re loving Al Quoz

5. Cheese Samboosa at Logma

Cheese Samboosa at Logma
Via Facebook /

Head down to Logma for some traditional Khaleeji delicacies that’ll give you a taste of both Emirati cuisine and culture. Expect to find a delicious blend of old and new favourites on the menu such as the Khameer sandwiches, Freekeh salad and Saffron Chicken. You’ll even find Cheese Samboosa made with cream cheese mixed with Chips Oman!

Location: BoxPark

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