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Where to Find the Best Flavoured Coffee in Dubai

Calling all coffee connoisseurs, we’ve put together a caffeine-loving list that will seriously sweeten up your day. From Lotus and Nutella to Salted Caramel and Marshmallow, here are some of our favourite café hotspots in Dubai that serve flavoured coffee.

1. Walnut Grove

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If there’s one thing we cannot resist, it’s the Nutella Cappuccino at Walnut Grove. A popular restaurant and café in Dubai that’s loved for its delicious breakfast and lunch dishes, Walnut Grove certainly knows how to sweeten up a cup of coffee.

Location: City Walk

2. Double B

Offering over 50 flavours of coffee in one quirky café, Double B is a new City Walk hotspot that’s all about that caffeine kick. From Columbian coffee beans to Costa Rican blends, this coffee hangout has really left no flavour unturned.

Location: City Walk 1

3. Caribou Coffee Dubai

While Caribou Coffee is already well known around the city, we just can’t get enough of their Lotus-flavoured coffee (it really is a must try!) You’ll also find other unique flavours on the menu, ranging from salted caramel and mint to berry and marshmallow. Delicious!

Location: Multiple branches

4. Common Grounds

A cozy café hotspot in Dubai, Common Grounds serves up a unique array of coffee flavours to suit all tastebuds. From Matcha Latte and Beetroot Latte to Charcoal Latte and more, this is one coffee hangout you have to check out!

Location: Multiple branches including Mall of the Emirates

5. Amongst Few Café

Via amongst few

Part of the trendy Amongst Few fashion store, the adjoining Amongst Few Café is the perfect cross between a coffee shop and creative space. From Coconut Chai Latte to Matcha Latte, you’ll find a delicious fusion of flavours.

Location: Jumeirah

6. Boston Lane Dubai

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Favourited in Dubai for toasties and incredible coffee, Boston Lane Dubai is an uber-trendy Aussie café that every coffee connoisseur will love. You’ll find everything from chilli blends to coconut flavours; don’t leave without pairing your coffee with one of Boston Lane’s signature toasties!

Location: Al Quoz

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