5 Dishes in Dubai That Are Made With Actual GOLD

A burger, fries and a sprinkle of 24-carat gold… now that’s something we’ve never heard before! Dubai is already known for its extravagance when it comes to food, but when we heard there are restaurants offering actual gold dishes, we had to dig deeper. From 24K gold samosas to charcoal ice cream topped with edible gold, get ready to be amazed with these gold dishes in Dubai…

1. The One & Only Ossobuco Burger

The One & Only Ossobuco Burger at 24 Karat

24 Karat Restaurant – the name pretty much says it all. This unique restaurant in Dubai serves up signature dishes with a golden touch, ranging from soup with truffle gold flakes to burrata topped with gold. One particular dish that caught our eye was The One & Only Ossobuco Burger, made with slow-cooked veal Ossobuco and topped with – you guessed it – gold!

Location: 24 Karat, Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf Dubai

Price: AED 165 (you can also order this burger without gold for AED 98)