7 Gulab Jamun Dishes Every Dessert Lover Should Know About

If you thought Gulab Jamun was delicious alone, wait until you try a Gulab Jamun Chocolate Cheesecake (yes, this really does exist!) These popular Indian sweet dumplings is a delicacy all over the world, with unique variations of the dessert becoming more and more popular every day. Deep-fried, milk-based and drenched in mouth-watering sugar syrup, here are seven Gulab Jamun desserts to try in Dubai…

1. Gulab Jamun at Farzi Cafe Dubai

Gulab Jamun at Farzi Cafe Dubai
Via Arti Singh / Food2go4

The Gulab Jamun at Farzi Cafe Dubai is unique in all the right ways. Served with liquid nitrogen kulfi and pieces of fresh rose petals, this is probably the quirkiest form of Gulab Jamun we’ve ever had! Head down to this City Walk hotspot for a funky and flavourful taste of Indian cuisine!

Location: City Walk

Price: AED 27