Pink Hummus at Azkadenya

5 of the Most Creative Hummus Dishes in Dubai

Calling all Hummus lovers! Everyone’s favourite Middle Eastern dip has just got a facelift… and it’s tastier than ever! From Chocolate Hummus Dips to Pink Hummus, here are five of the most creative Hummus dishes in Dubai.

1. Chocolate Hummus Dips at Kcal

Chocolate Hummus Dips at Kcal
Via Kcal

Adding a sweet twist to the Middle East’s favourite dip, Kcal is offering limited edition Chocolate Hummus Dips. Did your jaw just drop too? The HumDip comes in three different flavours: chocolate peanut butter hummus, chocolate hazelnut hummus, and mocha hummus. You can even personalise your HumDip with your choice of apples slices or cranberry crackers.

Location: Multiple branches

2. Pink Hummus at Azkadenya

Pink Hummus at Azkadenya
Via Instagram | @alia.alawadhi

The Pink Hummus at Azkadenya is made with a delicious pomegranate twist, perfect for all of you Insta-loving foodies. A Jordanian restaurant with two locations in the city, Azkadenya takes classic Middle Eastern dishes and adds a splash of colour to them; you’ll also find splashes of quirky pop art on the walls.

Location: Multiple branches but we’re loving Mall of the Emirates

3. Super Green Hummus at BB Social Dining

Super Green Hummus at BB Social Dining

Made with edamame, tahini and spinach, the Super Green Hummus at BB Social Dining is definitely one you’ll want to try. This DIFC foodie hotspot offers a unique social dining experience, complete with Eastern-inspired dishes and creative cocktails that will impress.

Location: DIFC

4. Carrot and Coriander Hummus at The Hummus House

Carrot and Coriander Hummus at The Hummus House
Via Instagram | @hummushousedxb

Serving Middle Eastern comfort food in a laid-back setting, The Hummus House in JLT specialises in all-things Hummus! (Duh!) One particular dish we’re loving is the Carrot and Coriander Hummus – the perfect side dish to go with your meaty main.

Location: JLT

5. Red Pepper Hummus at BarSalata

Red Pepper Hummus at BarSalata

With a name that takes inspiration from its eastern roots (salata is salad in Arabic), BarSalata offers a healthy array of breakfast bowls, build-your-own salads, and unique Hummus dips – Red Pepper Hummus, anyone?

Location: Downtown Dubai

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