7 of the Best Indian Street Food in Dubai — For AED 10 or Less!

Forever hungry for good food and even better deals? We got you. We spent the day hunting for the best Indian street food in Dubai… all for AED 10 or less! Here are some of our favourite budget-friendly foodie finds…

1. Masala Dosa

Hands-down one of our favourite South Indian restaurants in Dubai to enjoy a traditional dosa! We absolutely love the masala dosa at Saravanaa Bhavan, as well as all the chutneys!

Price: AED 10.50 (including VAT)
Where to find it: Saravanaa Bhavan, Deira

2. Jugalbandhi (paneer & aloo) Frankeez

Looking for the best frankees in town? We just found them at Midnight Cafe! They’ve got a great variety of frankeez to choose from, including veg and non-veg options, and frankly – the jugalbandhi (paneer & potato) frankee is so yummm!

Price: AED 9
Where to find it: Midnight Cafe, Karama

3. Royal Exotic Golas

If you’ve watched our video of baraf ka golas in Dubai, you know how much we love these icy desserts! We tried the golas at kulfilicious, where you can choose various flavours to mix together.

Price: AED 8.50 (golas)
Where to find it: Kulfilicious, Karama

4. Oreo Kulfi

And we couldn’t leave Kulfilicious without trying out their kulfi! They’ve got SO many different flavours to choose from, including Dates, Coffee, Avocado and Oreo!

Price: AED 10.50 – including VAT (kulfi)
Where to find it: Kulfilicious, Karama

5. Dahi Batata Puri

One of the most popular chaat (street-side snacks) dishes from India, the dahi puri at Chaat Bazaar is delish! What is it? A couple of crispy pastries, stuffed with potatoes and topped with yogurt, sweet chutney and more crispy goodness! Trust us, yogur-to try this!

Price: AED 10
Where to find it: Chaat Bazaar, Karama

6. Amul Cheese Vada Pav

Next up – this oh-so-cheesy vada pav is sooo gouda, we can’t stop thinking about it! This street-side restaurant has a variety of delicious vada pavs, which is basically a potato patty sandwiched between two bread buns and lots of chilli.

Price: AED 10
Where to find it: Chaat Bazaar, Karama

7. Garma-Garam Jalebi

Last but not least – we ended our foodie day out with some jalebi at Drink & Spice Magics Restaurant, which was served to our table by an actual Robot! If you’ve got a sweet tooth like us, you will love this crispy and sugary Indian dessert.

Price: AED 9
Where to find it: Drink & Spice Magics

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