Here’s 5 New Reasons to Shout ‘TGI Fridays’ Every Day of the Week!

Foodie alert! TGI Fridays has just revamped their menu and it’s featuring some awesome new dishes and fresh ingredients. From sliders with handmade guacamole to fresh roasted corn cobs, these new creations got us shouting ‘Yum!’ from the rooftops.

Everybody has a favourite dish at TGI Fridays, but just wait until you see what they’ve come up with next. Here are 5 reasons to swing by for a savoury meal today!

1. The ‘Cowboy’ appetisers

TGI Fridays Dubai

If we were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 3 things, they’d all be appetisers from TGI Fridays! We’re talking ‘Cowboy Beef Tostados’, topped with braised BBQ beef, lettuce, feta cheese and pico de gallo; ‘Southwest Potato Twisters’ with spicy cheese queso; and ‘BBQ Braised Beef Taquitos’ that will have you feeling festive for ‘Viva Mexico!

2. The ‘Mexi Bowls’

Nothing can prepare you for the explosion of flavours in the new ‘Mexi Bowls’ – just think of them as a mini fiesta in your mouth! Filled with crisp bacon, roasted corn, black beans, cherry tomatoes and pico de gallo, these gourmet-style bowls come in 4 choices: Grilled Sirloin, Chicken, Shrimp, and even Norwegian Salmon. We’re totally hooked!

3. The ‘Sizzling Sliders’

TGI Fridays Dubai

Ohhh, baby! If you’re a major burger addict, it’s time we introduced you to TGI Fridays’ new sliders. These toasted buns come packed with some wild ingredients (and a few quirky names!) There’s the ‘Kung Fu Burger’ that’s got a fiery Asian punch; the ‘Hangover Burger’ that comes topped with a fried egg (obviously!); and ‘Crispy Chicken Sliders’ that are like a little army of deliciousness. Yup… these burgers got us like ‘woah!’

4. The ‘Pepperoni Pasta’

TGI Fridays Dubai

Imagine your favourite smokey pizza topping swimming in fettuccine and marinara sauce… well foodies: dreams do come true! Take a bite of the ‘Pepperoni Chicken’ and you might just believe there’s an Italian chef behind the scenes at TGI Fridays. Want some more pasta inspiration? The ‘Texas Canneloni’ – topped with a savoury elote corn sauce and fresh cotija cheese – is one dish you’ll refuse to share (and we can’t blame you!)

5. The ‘Chilli Chicken’!

TGI Fridays Dubai

Chilli… is… life! Once you take a bite of the ‘Lemon Chilli Chicken’, prepare for an assault on your tastebuds. This citrus marinated char-grilled chicken comes serves with chimichurri rice (yesss!) and fresh roasted corn cobs – it’s basically a garden-style BBQ served at your table. Oh, and don’t forget to drizzle some fresh butter… EVERYWHERE.

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