10 Insta-Worthy Dubai Desserts That Taste Just as Good as They Look

If you’re a true DXB foodie, you’ll understand the importance of good lighting, presentation and, of course, flat lays. These days, food that tastes good just isn’t enough for some of us –  the food needs to look as good as it tastes.

From a chocolate & ice cream brownie tower to a stunning popcorn sundae, you’ll find creative sweets popping up all over Dubai. We’ve scoped out some of the best-looking desserts in town to give you a little sweet inspo for your social media pages. Just try not to drool over your screen…

1. Carrot Cake Sundae

A sensational sweet treat from one of NYC’s most famed dessert parlours, Serendipity’s list of sumptuous sundaes is almost as popular as it’s beloved Frrozen Hot Chocolate. This Carrot Cake Sundae is brimming with butter-pecan ice cream, chocolate fudge, a slice of carrot cake (or two) and a whimsical dollop of whipped cream on top.

2. The Sharing Dessert Platter

Served up at one of H Hotel’s super-chic hotspots, you cannot miss this mind-blowing dessert platter. Bringing together the eatery’s best-loved treats in the most stylish way possible, you’ll have the chance to experience the eatery’s most PLAYful flavours in one dramatic dessert.

3. The ‘Hit Me’ Chocolate Cake

A four-tiered dessert tower made of brownies, cake and a liquid ice cream bar, NYC-import Catch’s theatrical sweet treat is smashed to pieces by one of its friendly servers so you can revel in a cascading waterfall of vanilla ice cream. You can’t leave without getting a video of this WOW-ful dessert because it just may be one of the best in DXB.

4. Yuzu Cheesecake with Raspberry and Black Sesame

Light & fluffy with a welcomed kick of tanginess, Dubai fave, Zuma has pushed the dessert boundaries with their latest cheesecake concoction. Aside from being superbly delicate, this beauty of a bonbon is a pleasure for the eyes and tastebuds with its perfect balance between sweet and tart. Always a crowd-pleaser, expect to get lots of social media love with this treat on your insta-page.

5. Rasmalai with Carrot Cream

A creative interpretation of a classic Indian Dessert, Farzi Cafe is famed for pushing the boundaries of tradition. Combining sweet cottage cheese, carrot cream and saffron milk to make one stunning dessert, the true show-stopper has to be the intricate sugar work that’s delicately laid on top. It’s no wonder this treat is Farzi’s most photographed dish.

6. Sundae de Maiz

Picture this: popcorn ice cream, a popcorn tuile and caramelised popcorn fused together to make an unusually delectable dessert. Sounds dreamy right? Well, you’re definitely not dreaming – pop into Peruvian eatery Coya and order this a-maize-ing treat that’s as pretty as a picture.

7. Back to School

Known for its indulgent treats, both savoury and sweet,  Dubai Mall’s Hidden Gem – Parkers – is definitely one to try.  The nostalgic chocolate bread pudding,  topped with sugary cereal and shavings of edible crayons (that you get to take home!) got an A+ from us. Ask for some extra sprinkles and snap that picture before you get stuck in!

8. The Chocolate Macaron Cake

Have you heard the rumours? Gossip Cafe & Desserts creates some of the prettiest dishes in Dubai.  Check out this uber-rich chocolate cake that’s covered in gold flecks, mini macarons and crunchy white meringue that’ll make a great story for your Snapchat Insta Stories.

9. Black Forest Dome

A playful interpretation of the traditional black forest cake, Hamptons Café has outdone itself with this whimsy dessert that blends together the essence of chocolate & cherries in one stunning foodie display. Your insta-page isn’t gonna want to miss this beauty – so keep those smartphone batteries powered on full.

10. Catalan Cream Mini Magnum

Laluz certainly knows how to put on a good show. Saving the best for last, you’ve got to order this Magnum-inspired dessert that plays on our favourite childhood memories. You’ll find textures of rich honeycomb and mouthwatering sitting atop a refreshing vanilla custard bar that’s just begging for a juicy bite. The menu is filled with an array of breathtaking dishes, so you can share your experience course by course with the world.