7 Places To Try Authentic Pakistani Biryani in Dubai

7. Unforgettable Biryani

Via uaeorder.com

Last but not least… Unforgettable Biryani stays true to its name, and is truly unforgettable! Both the mutton and chicken biryanis have good portions of meat, are both made with saffron-infused rice! Yummmm! You can even choose between three levels of spiciness: Zero Spice (for the newbies), Original (for the real desis) and Extra Hot (if you dare!).

Cost: AED 22 to AED 32 for a meal
Where: Unforgettable Biryani, JLT

Other restaurants that biryani lovers have also recommended: Haji Sahab, Saif Restaurant, Ravi’s, Cafe Aisha, Khan Dhaba and Karachi Darbar.

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