Unique ice cream in Dubai

5 of the Craziest Ice Cream Desserts in Dubai!

Ice cream lovers; tired of the same old flavours and looking for something new to try? It’s time to shake up your dessert bucket list and throw in a couple of new quirky creations into the mix! From AED 3,000 ice cream topped with 23-carat gold flakes to bright blue ice cream burritos, here are five of the wackiest ice cream desserts in Dubai.

1. The Santorini at Milkcow

The Santorini at Milkcow
Via Instagram | @annegonzalesr

Offering soft-serve ice cream in the form of super quirky creations, Milkcow is a funky ice cream café that’s as unique as it gets. Homemade, organic and bursting with colour, the ice cream desserts at Milkcow will definitely impress. You’ll find a huge array of toppings available, from honeycomb and candy floss to macaroons and jelly beans. ‘The Santorini’ ice cream (in the picture) is a delicious combo of Oreo crumbles, tropical blue syrup, peanut and pistachio, topped with candy floss.

Location: Business Bay

Price: AED 27

2. The Black Diamond at Scoopi Café

The Black Diamond at Scoopi Café

From rose & chilli to avocado with nachos, there isn’t one flavour Scoopi Café hasn’t thought of. But did you know that this dessert parlour serves the most expensive ice cream in Dubai?! The Black Diamond is Scoopi’s signature dessert, made with vanilla bean ice cream from Madagascar, saffron from Iran, black truffles from Alba Italy and 23-carat gold flakes and powder. Need we say more?

Location: Dubai Marina and Umm Suqeim

Price: AED 3,000 (we’re not joking…)

3. Unicorn Ice Cream at Unicorn Vibes

Unicorn Ice Cream at Unicorn Vibes
Via Instagram | @unicorn.vibes.sweets

Themed around – you guessed it – unicorns, Unicorn Vibes is a quirky dessert spot in Business Bay that offers a unique selection of ice cream flavours, cookies, cupcakes and cakes. The café’s Unicorn Ice Cream flavour is made with cotton candy and bubble gum, served alongside other flavours on the menu such as caramel latte, cookie monster, and peanut butter and jelly.

Location: Unicorn Vibes is currently relocating and will be reopening in 2 weeks at Wasl Vita Mall

Price: AED 20 for one scoop and AED 25 for two scoops

4. The Ice Cream Burrito at iScream

 The Ice Cream Burrito at iScream
Via Instagram | @deepikamundrasaboo

Ever wondered what an ice cream burrito tastes like? Head down to iScream at La Mer for beachside treats with an unusual (but delicious!) twist. Black sesame, Matcha green tea, Umm Ali… if you’re looking for something new to try, this is where to go. Don’t leave without trying the Ice Cream Burrito – a delicious ice cream dessert wrapped inside a candy floss burrito. Yum!

Location: La Mer

Price: AED 30

5. The ALL BLK Softie at BLK Cab

The ALL BLK Softie at BLK Cab
Via Instagram | @bader_bin_abdullah_

BLK Cab is a quirky little hangout at City Walk and La Mer that’s inspired by the famous London black cab. Whether it’s unique caffeine kicks you’re after or unusually coloured ice cream, this café hotspot will give your tastebuds something new to try. One standout dessert in particular is the ALL BLK Softie which comes in a black cone and topped with an Oreo. You’ll even find all-black Frappuccinos and milkshakes on the menu too!

Location: City Walk and La Mer

Price: AED 21

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