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Where to Find the Best Paratha in Dubai

Searching for the best paratha in Dubai? We’ve scoured the city to bring you the best! From 101 Parathas to Paratha King, these are the top 5 Indian restaurants in Dubai to get the tastiest (and most authentic) paratha in Dubai!

1. 101 Parathas

best paratha in dubai 101 parathas
Via Facebook | @101parathas

We’re not even kidding, this restaurant actually serves over 100 different types of parathas! From rajma (red kidney beans) paratha to traditional aloo (potato) paratha to cheese and garlic paratha, is there anything 101 Parathas doesn’t have? We don’t think so, because they even serve paratha pizzas. You’ll know where to find us this weekend…

Price: AED 15 to AED 18; AED 22 for pizza paratha
: 101 Parathas, Business Bay

2. Paratha King

best paratha in dubai paratha king
Via Facebook | @parathakingae

This vegetarian restaurant in another paratha paradise with loads of different options to choose from. All of the parathas at Paratha King are huge, affordable, and made using whole wheat flour. In fact, they even have a special paratha for every day of the week. Try their aloo (potato) paratha, or aloo with cheese for the cheese lovers.

Price: AED 11 to AED 13
: Paratha King, at Dubai Internet City, Karama, Mankhool & Al Nahda

3. Paratha N Rolls

best paratha in dubai paratha n rolls
Via Facebook | @ParathaNRolls

If you’re looking for some really funky parathas, you’ll find them at Paratha N Rolls. From maggi parathas (yes, they mean maggi noddles) and tofu paratha to hash brown paratha and chocolate paratha, there’s just so much to try.

Price: AED 10 to AED 13
: Paratha N Rolls, in Meena Bazaar, Al Safa & Naif

4. Dosa Plaza

best paratha in dubai dosa plaza karama
Via Facebook | @DosaPlazaKarama

This South Indian restaurant may be famous for its dosas, but it can definitely whip up an awesome paratha! There isn’t much of a variety, but you’ll find the standard aloo paratha, cheese paratha and paneer (cottage cheese) paratha at Dosa Plaza.

Price: AED 6.50 to  AED 8.50
Dosa Plaza, Karama & Al Nahda

5. Only Parathas

best paratha in dubai only parathas via pawan kapoor
Via Zomato | @PawanKapoor

We just counted – this restaurant has over 110 different parathas on their menu! But don’t be fooled by its name, Only Parathas serves more than just parathas – they’ve got dal, biryani and noodles too. For those looking for a lighter option, you can request for your paratha to be cooked with olive oil instead, although it will cost you an additional AED 2.

Price: AED 9 to AED 14
: Only Parathas, International City

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